EJ yells at somebody on the phone in the great room to 'make it happen'. Chad turns up and asks for the truth. EJ was advised not to admit anything but says he has already lost everything that matters to him. His father's respect, the woman he loves, and most of all, his children. He comes clean and admits he arranged the kidnapping and the impostor in order to end Sami's marriage to Rafe. EJ tells Chad to go ahead and call the cops on him. Chad can't do it, so EJ sees this as a sign of loyalty. He's now one of them. They shake hands and EJ winks. Chad loves their father and wonders how involved he is. EJ says the Rafe creation was Stefano's idea. Chad is disgusted that EJ made this happen because Sami wanted another man and now he’s out a brother, father and Kate’s out a husband. Chad yells that he thought EJ was powerful but he blew it for all of them. He walks out on him.

Abby finds Jenn at the pub, where they discuss what Stefano and EJ did to Sami and Rafe. They worry about Chad. Maybe he'll see the DiMera's for who they are. Abby wonders if Chad will become head of the family if Stefano and EJ go to prison. Talk turns to Jack and Jenn chastises Abby for bashing her father. She explains they once loved each other and Abby wouldn't be there without that love. Jenn's thankful to Jack for giving her the two greatest blessings of her life. Her kids. Abby tears up. She shares that Chad was a father but his baby died. Jenn's sorry to hear. Abby wonders why Jenn let Daniel go. Jenn is protecting Carly but Abby wonders if that’s the real reason. Later, Jenn has left and Chad walks in. He knows Abby has heard and tells her to let it happen.

At the loft, Rafe tells Sami that Allie’s on her way home. Sami’s excited but feels guilty about not listening to Allie the first time she said Rafe was mean to her.

At Salem PD, Hope tells Bo that FrankenRafe would rather take his chances in prison. She’s annoyed and disgusted that the pig told her to give Ciara a big kiss from him. Bo blows his stack and Hope has to stop him from going to the cells. Detective McCarthy walks up. She got a good look at the mug shot RoboRafe was looking at. Hope wonders if it was a photo of himself. McCarthy searches Rafe's computer while Bo and Hope leave.

Lexi, Maxine, and Daniel get out of surgery. Lexi and Daniel discuss the Rafe impostor. Lexi could strangle her father when she thinks about what he did. She wishes she and Abe could take Theo away in order to shield him from the press. She's frustrated and unsure of whether or not to keep Theo from Stefano. She doesn't want to be the bad guy. Maxine returns, upset that Daniel's working six days straight, but he has nothing else to do. Lexi questions him about Jenn. He tells her they broke up and he has no choice but to back off. Lexi advises Daniel all about how women store the bad things men do on a file in their heads, but they won’t say anything. They’ll blow up, instead. Daniel argues that Jenn’s not like that.

Bo and Hope go to Sami and Rafe at the loft for help since RoboRafe won't take a deal. They ask Sami to think of anything that could put the DiMera's away. Rafe tells them Allie's coming home and they want to focus on being a family finally. Sami suddenly remembers that RoboRafe seemed chummy with Stefano one time, and Robo also hit on Stephanie. Rafe remembers that Robo hit on Nicole too and shares that story. Sami's unimpressed. Johnny rushes out of his room after watching TV. He heard Nono and Daddy could go to jail. Sami smoothes things over and they discuss Allie returning. Rafe says they’ll order pizza with extra broccoli and Johnny yells, “I hate broccoli.” He runs off while Rafe and Sami giggle and kiss.

Back at SPD, Detective McCarthy finds the mugshot and tells Bo and Hope his name is Arnold Finnigar, from Detroit.

Sami, Rafe, EJ and Sydney stroll by the pier. While they’re kissing each other and having a great time, EJ wanders up, sadly.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Bo says Hope Brady has no official capacity at SPD as of now.

Sami warns, "You listen to me EJ, and you listen good."

Taylor moans, "But I still love him."

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