Chad and Lexi show up at the Dimera mansion asking if Stefano and EJ really hired a double to screw over Sami and Rafe. Lexi wants to hear it from Stefano, but he's asleep. Kate reminds them that people are innocent until proven guilty and expects their support. Kate goes to check on Stefano and Lexi tells Chad this is his baptism by fire into the family. She prays that her brother and father are caught this time, for Chad's sake. Lexi leaves and Kate returns. She hopes he'll support his father. A call from the press comes in and Chad refuses to comment.

EJ arrives to see Nicole and finds Taylor at her hotel. Both ladies are cold toward him. EJ professes his love for Taylor and wishes he had met her first. Nicole rolls her eyes. Taylor tells him he ruined any feelings she had for him. Nicole reminds him he's responsible for their mother's murder. EJ denies it but apologizes if his actions hurt them. Nicole spits that his hell's just beginning and reluctantly agrees to leave while Taylor talks to EJ. Later, Taylor asks why EJ lied. EJ hopes she'll forgive him but that won't happen. He tells her how desperate he was and professes his love again, but she backs away, stony-faced. She kicks him out and breaks down.

At SPD, Bo tells Roman that Hope’s interrogating the double. Abe interrupts. The DA is threatening to call the IA because Bo hired Hope, a convicted felon. Once IA is involved, their hands are tied and Bo could be fired. Bo doesn't care. Down in the cells, Hope interrogates Robo who asks what she’s going to do to him. Break out the rubber hose? Hope tells him he’s going to prison. The DiMera’s will take care of him from the outside. She has another option. If Robo gives her the DiMera's, she'll give him witness protection. Roman arrives to take over and tells Robo Hope was temporary and the witness protection is off the table. Upstairs, Bo and Hope tell Abe that Roman and Hope are playing good cop bad cop. Once Robo agrees to the deal, Hope will seal it. Roman returns. He thinks Robo's ready, so Hope takes off down to the cells. When Robo finds out Hope is being taken off the case because she's a felon, he laughs. Hope puts the witness protection out there again but he has cold feet. Upstairs, Detective McCarthy and Bo discuss the day RoboRafe was looking at mug shots. She may know why.

At the pub, Maggie’s thrilled Sonny’s back. She recalls how industrious Sonny was as a child. Justin remembers his newspaper. Maggie thinks Victor would love to find him a place at Titan. Adrienne isn’t sure. Later, after Maggie's told Sonny's gay, she asks how they took the news. Adrienne and Justin were fine with it though it was a surprise. A support group helped. Maggie worries about how others will treat him.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor’s flabbergasted when Sonny tells him he’s gay. Victor thinks Brady put him up to this but Sonny assures him it’s true. "As pink ink," he says, "and it's not a phase." Sonny shares that his parents have known for a few years and were concerned that Victor wouldn't be on board. Victor feels sorry for Sonny. He thinks it'd make Sonny's life less difficult. He could marry, and have his partner at his side if anything happens in the hospital. Sonny says that's changing. Victor hates to have a Kiriakis subjected to bigotry. Adrienne, Justin and Maggie walk in. Maggie hugs Sonny and Victor takes off.

Kinsey finds Nicole painting her fingernails at the pub. Kinsey meant to apologize to Nicole for selling her down the river to Sami last year when she was slyly visiting Sydney. Kinsey was afraid, and apologizes. It's been tormenting her so Nicole accepts her apology and discusses her personal business with Taylor and EJ. Kinsey thinks it's great Nicole's on Taylor's side after she ruined her marriage. Kinsey wishes she had somebody in her corner like Nicole and opens up about her issues of having no money for college. Nicole offers to help.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Bo and Hope go to Sami and Rafe. "We need your help."

Abby worries to her mom about Chad.

Chad gripes at EJ, "You had it all but you blew it all to pieces for every one of us!"

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