Kate finds EJ in the great room and asks if they’re going to prison. Stefano turns up. He says it’s a distinct possibility. Chad walks in and Stefano tells him EJ destroyed their entire family. Chad and Kate try to reason with Stefano and when they can't, Chad goes off, disgusted. Kate warns him not to lose his son and leaves but Stefano stays behind to list off EJ's mistakes. Stefano tears up as he disowns Elvis and kicks him out. Kate returns and Stefano apologizes for lashing out. Kate's sorry all of this happened and hugs him.

Sami wakes up in bed next to Rafe and they immediately discuss making the DiMera’s pay. They kiss and have sex. Afterward, Sami groans that she'd better put some clothes on and wrangle breakfast for the kids. Rafe suggests they let the VCR do the babysitting. They think this is hilarious, and suddenly Rafe realizes what terrible parenting that is. Sami reassures him how absolutely amazing he is. They go play with the kids and Rafe hears from Bo that the creature isn't talking yet. Sami sighs and worries EJ will get off. Sami misses Allie.

Adrienne and Justin find Victor in the Kiriakis den. They tell him Sonny’s in Salem. Victor's upset that Sonny didn't rush over to see him yet.

Will, Kinsey, T, and Gabi are at the beach when Sonny turns up. Everyone's introduced and Kinsey flirts with him and offers him a doughnut. They invite him to play volleyball but he has to have breakfast with his family. Kinsey swoons and calls Sonny sex on a stick. Later, Will and Gabi talk about Rafe and how he called earlier. He has something to tell them. Will rubs sunscreen into Gabi's back and they make out. Kinsey and T interrupt with coffee and Kinsey gushes about her next boyfriend - Sonny Kiriakis."Hot, rich and available." Everyone laughs.

Nicole wakes up to Taylor at her door. Taylor says Nicole was right about EJ and she can't believe that EJ replaced Rafe with a miserable look-alike just to get to Sami. She shares with Nicole what went down at the mansion last night and thinks Nicole should take the opportunity to tell her what a rotten person she is. Nicole learns that the Rafe in the warehouse was the fake. Taylor can't get over the fact that EJ's a liar. Nicole admits she let the Rafe impostor go. Taylor beats herself up over allowing EJ to sway her against her own sister. Taylor breaks down in tears and Nicole refuses to kick her when she's down. She explains she always knew EJ was a lying SOB and unfortunately thinks she's better equipped to handle it. Taylor asks why she needs to get drunk. Nicole says it's because she has had to hide so much and because their mother has died. Taylor's sorry. Nicole thinks they should let everything go. After all, they're family. Nicole holds Taylor's hand and they agree to start taking better care of each other than they have. Nicole won't forget but she will forgive Taylor, not EJ. EJ turns up on their doorstep.

Abby goes to Maggie’s place for her intern summer schedule. She wants to work nights. They discuss Chad and Abby says she doesn't approve of him working for Stefano. Maggie identifies with Abby. She tells her about her relationship with Victor. They discuss taking chances.

Sonny turns up for breakfast at the pub. Adrienne and Justin tell him Uncle Victor is upset that Sonny didn't rush to see him. They blame themselves and say they didn't 'tell' him. They're not sure what his reaction will be. Sonny plans on coming clean with Victor and takes off. Maggie turns up and is excited to hear Sonny's in town.

Abby meets Chad on the pier. She chastises him for doing a favor for his father and worries one day he'll turn into a thug. EJ's name is brought up and Chad thinks as of today, Stefano may disown EJ and then he'll be number one in business. Can she live with that? Abby isn't sure so Chad kisses her, hoping a kiss will help her decide.

Sonny turns up at the Kiriakis mansion to see Victor. They hug and Victor asks who the girl is who has kept him from visiting. Sonny says there's nobody and he's not sure anyone would live up to his expectations. In fact, he never has to worry about him bringing home the wrong girl because he's gay.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Maggie asks if Victor knows. Adrienne and Justin tell her he's telling Victor now.

Hope promises RoboRafe they'll find a way to get to him.

"Your hell is just beginning," Nicole tells EJ.

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