Taylor demands the truth from EJ, at the DiMera mansion. EJ hems and haws and says he had nothing to do with RoboRafe killing Faye. Taylor calls him out for dodging the question and asks pointedly if EJ brought the impostor to Salem. Sami speaks up and Taylor tells her to shut up. EJ reminds Taylor he told her he had done things he regrets that can’t be undone but none of what they say is true. Sami steps up and assures Taylor that EJ's lying. Hope and Bo back Sami up. They have proof. Taylor suggests EJ's a victim too. Everyone tries to tell her that's not true. Taylor asks Stefano and Robo to explain themselves. Stefano refuses and Robo just wants a lawyer. Taylor realizes EJ's lying and her mom's dead because of him. EJ tries to reach for her but she pushes him away. She can tell he's lying. RoboRafe smirks. Sami calls to God, as Taylor accuses EJ of being responsible for her mother's death. She screams and cries and tells him the only person he loves is himself. Rafe starts in on him just as Johnny runs down the stairs. He hears Rafe telling EJ that the people he tortured will watch him suffer now. Taylor and Rafe realize Faye found RoboRafe's secret out and that's why he killed her. Rafe says EJ kills people and doesn't give a damn. He feels sorry for EJ's kids. Johnny rushes in, asking what's going on and everyone's eyes pop out. Rafe picks him up and Johnny asks why his daddy hurt people. Rafe tries to cover and Taylor runs off. Bo and Hope take RoboRafe away when Johnny sees him, and EJ tries to hold Johnny, but he squirms away. Sami and Rafe go after him and Stefano blasts EJ for taking the family down. He's disgusted with his son and takes off. EJ becomes upset when Johnny wants to go to Sami's. EJ promises he'll fix it and professes his love for his son. Johnny just wants to go, and snuggles into Rafe. EJ's eyes bug out and he looks scared. Sami smirks at him.

Carly bumps into Quinn’s drug dealer on the pier. He asks if she wants to score but she insists she’s not looking for anything. She leaves and he grins. He recognizes her.

At the club, Quinn wants to help Vivian bring Carly down but Vivian is concerned about his motives. He asks to be able to prove himself but Vivian's certain he's setting her up. Later, Quinn has left and Gus drops by. Vivian is emotional and says she feels connected to her son. Gus doesn't trust Quinn.

Daniel barges into Cheatin’ Heart, demanding a beer. He takes out his frustrations on the pool table and then tells Mel Jennifer's complex and infuriating. Melanie asks what happened. He doesn't think she can help get him out of his foul mood. He admits Jenn says she needed more time. He didn't get it and asked, "What the firecracker is that?" He didn't want to give her time so she dumped him! Mel urges him to be the anti-Jack and stick it out with Jennifer. He doesn't want to go through this again as he did with Chloe. Mel takes his beer, and pool cue and has another idea.

Jennifer arrives to the Kiriakis mansion to return Adrienne’s book. Adrienne assumes she's having man trouble. Jenn says Jack sent her an email earlier and didn't even ask about her. It reads, "All is well here, say hi to the kids." Adrienne loves her brother but Jenn's better off. She should go see Daniel. Jenn blurts out that she broke up with him. She just learned that Carly is into Daniel and she can't stand in Carly's way, even though Daniel's not interested in Carly. Adrienne's flummoxed and tells her she's making a big mistake.

Carly goes to Maxine at the hospital, who hands her a file on an overdose patient. Carly goes white.

Back at Cheatin' Heart, Mel tells Daniel she changed her last name to Jonas. Daniel tears up with pride. Carly walks in and starts to cry as well, after hearing the news. Mel feels lucky to have the best parents in the world. Carly tells them about the overdose patient and how upset it has made her. Daniel is happy they're a family. They hug and Jenn walks in. She witnesses the display and leaves, sadly.

Quinn stops by the pier to talk to his drug dealer, who tells him that he bumped into Carly Manning, who is a drug dealer. She came close to buying. Quinn calls Vivian and relays the information.

There's a montage at the end of the show. At SPD, Bo and Hope lock RoboRafe in jail, Stefano goes into Johnny's room at the mansion and stares at his photo sadly, Taylor wanders the streets of Salem, crying, Sami, Rafe and Johnny snuggle at the loft, and EJ stands alone crying over his kids' photos.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Maggie tells Melanie, "Well maybe you should break up with him."

Taylor goes to Nicole to tell her she was right about EJ.

"I can't even stand to look at you," Stefano bellows to EJ.

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