Nicole wakes up in the warehouse and hopes she did the right thing by letting Rafe go. She clutches her head in pain and passes out again.

At the mansion, Bo's upset when Sami calls to say she’s on her way over, since she can’t find Taylor. They listen to what’s going on inside. Rafe walks into the mansion, acting like RoboRafe. He’s not going to be their little bitch anymore and wants a raise. RoboRafe wanders in and EJ and Stefano’s jaws drop. "Just when things were starting to get boring," Rafe comments. RoboRafe tells them Rafe’s been pretending to be him and playing games with them. Taylor walks in, shocked to see two Rafes. Rafe comes forth and tells Taylor that he’s the original and RoboRafe is the one who killed her mother. Taylor confronts EJ and Rafe encourages EJ to be a man for once. Suddenly, Sami arrives and punches EJ in the face, twice. Sami confesses EJ's crimes to Taylor. EJ and Stefano think Sami has lost her mind. RoboRafe says they're all lying and tries to leave. Bo and Hope stop him and they bicker about whether or not EJ and Stefano did anything wrong. EJ and Stefano pretend they have never seen RoboRafe before. Sami starts ranting at EJ and demands to know why he did this. She yells that she had sex with Robo and Bo calls it rape. Taylor turns white and Sami warns her against marrying EJ. Taylor says EJ was shocked at hearing Faye was dead, causing Sami to think the ring has made her stupid. Taylor needs proof. She confronts EJ.

Daniel confides in Carly at the hospital that Jennifer doesn’t want to go away with him this weekend. He’s in a bad mood.

Abby meets Jenn at the pub and shows JJ’s photos of Scotland from his Facebook page. Jenn’s distracted but wishes she was there. She admits Carly has feelings for Daniel, so she’s backing off. Abby is confused and Jenn explains she doesn’t want to hurt her friend by having her watch her with Daniel. They discuss Carly's addiction until Carly arrives. Abby calls it a night and Carly apologizes to Jenn for the other day. She promises she's not addicted to drugs. Jenn just wants to be a good friend. Jenn tells her she put the brakes on her relationship with Daniel and claims she's not ready for it. Carly tries talking her out of it. Carly takes off and Daniel arrives. Jenn gives him the 'it's me, not you' speech. He asks to take things slowly. Daniel bashes Jack and tells her he was afraid to get close to another woman after he lost his wife. He kept screwing up, but she's different and this feels different. Jenn gets scared and runs off.

Vivian drinks with Quinn at the club. She confronts him about working together. She doesn't trust him. He makes a call to a goon who is working on getting the goods on Carly. Vivian takes off.

Mel meets Brady at Cheatin’ Heart. He’s drinking club soda and tells her he had an epiphany about them. Dario listens from nearby and Brady tells Mel he cares about her and is thankful for what she did to help him. Brady takes a call from Nicole and asks him to come get her. He asks Mel to stick around. He’ll return. He goes and Dario and Mel agree they know what Brady wants to tell her. Dario wants to tell her the same thing. He stammers and Mel tells him she and Brady are just friends. She thinks she has already met the right guy.

Brady finds Nicole passed out at the warehouse. She wakes up and tells him what happened with the two Rafes. He's skeptical, and asks how much she had to drink. He thinks she's hallucinating and helps her leave.

Brady walks in on Dario kissing Mel at the Cheatin' Heart.

Carly leaves the pub after seeing Daniel with Jenn, and tells herself she's a fool to have gotten her hopes up. Vivian wanders by and asks if something terrible has happened since she looks upset. Carly tells her to get lost. Vivian taunts her and returns to the club for champagne with Quinn. They discuss Carly.

Carly finds Quinn's goon on the pier. He has just made a deal and asks if she's looking to score.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Daniel tells Mel that Jenn dumped him.

Adrienne tells Jenn she's making a huge mistake.

EJ lies to Taylor, "None of what these people say is true. None of it."

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