Rafe makes his way to the warehouse with Nicole following, drunk. She wonders why he's still roaming the streets and debates going back for another martini but decides to continue following Rafe.

At home, Stefano grills Johnny about Rafe. EJ interrupts and Stefano tells Johnny Rafe's never to pick him up again. Johnny doesn't understand, considering Rafe's not a stranger.

At the loft, Sami moans and groans about using Rafe. Bo and Hope try to reason with her. She calls Johnny to say goodnight as Stefano tells EJ this has gone too far and must end tonight. EJ takes a call from Taylor, who asks him to meet her at her hotel. He leaves and Sami asks Johnny who's at the house. They realize it's a go, when he says Stefano's the only one there. Sami gets on the phone with Stefano and asks if she can pick up Johnny. He refuses and hangs up on her and she panics. Bo and Hope reassure her once again and she learns EJ and Taylor are engaged. Sami's shocked, especially since EJ's responsible for Faye's death.

Kate wanders into the Sapphire Club to remind Quinn that she needs evidence that Chloe's an unfit mother. He assures that they'll have proof after tonight.

Chloe's at the pub looking at Parker's photo when Sonny and Justin arrive after a basketball match. They greet her and she thanks Sonny for taking the photo of her and her son and after Sonny goes off, Justin explains that the social worker wants to move on to the next step. She needs to sort out her living arrangements and job situation. Sonny returns and offers the guest house at the Kiriakis mansion but Chloe knows living near Victor would be impossible. Chloe vows to do this on her own. She leaves and runs into Quinn, who has another job for her. He threatens her. She agrees to the job, but no more overnighters.

EJ arrives at Taylor's hotel. She awaits in bed, wearing a sexy negligee. He's quiet, so she massages him and they make out, winding up having sex.

Rafe takes over for Tim, babysitting RoboRafe. Nicole arrives outside the door, a drunken mess. She hopes to find out what that son-of-a-bitch is up to and hides. Tim leaves. Inside, Rafe asks if Robo's ready to talk. He laughs and he has nothing new to say, even when Rafe offers a plea deal. Rafe leaves and Nicole picks the lock. She sees Rafe, but is confused, having just seen Rafe leave. She pulls off Robo's gag and he tells her he has a double who stole his identity. He spins the story. She thought they brainwashed him and says now there are two. "It's bad enough there's one of you." She unties him and takes out her makeup kit. She tells him she can trim his eyebrows and laughs. She passes out and he takes off.

Back at the mansion, Stefano tells Johnny a bedtime story and relates it to EJ's mistakes. Taylor and EJ arrive and Stefano congratulates the happy couple. EJ thinks he's being sarcastic and they bicker. They calm down and drinks are served. Stefano tells her they're a passionate family. She's ready for it. Johnny gets out of bed and is excited to see Taylor. They go see his train collection and Stefano notices that Johnny adores Taylor.

Sami, Bo and Hope head to the pier and Sami is upset that her kids will be confused about EJ's new engagement to Nicole's sister. She can't wait to take EJ down. Rafe meets them and Sami comes up with an idea to make the creature serve himself up to the DiMera's. They refuse and she has a hissy and whines but they refuse to give in. They give her a job to keep Taylor away from the mansion.

Chloe meets Randy at the club. They get right to it, going up to his room. Later, Kate finds Randy alone and asks if everything was to his satisfaction. He grins, saying it was great. Upstairs in the room, Chloe puts on her earrings and says she did it for Parker. Quinn calls and she tells him it went well. She wants her money, now.

Bo and Hope arrive outside of the mansion. Bo uses a walkie talkie to tell the guards that security has been breached. Inside, Stefano hears from Marco, who spotted Rafe. Suddenly, Rafe appears in the great room, acting like Robo. Bo and Hope hear from Sami, who can't find Taylor, so she's on her way over. Bo argues with her as Hope listens in to what's going on inside. Rafe says he's not Stefano and EJ's little bitch anymore. He wants a raise. Just then, RoboRafe walks in. EJ and Stefano's eyes bug out.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

"Everyone's got an Achilles heel... even you," Quinn tells his mom.

"Carly doesn't need a boyfriend, she needs help," Abby explains to her mom.

"You son-of-a-bitch!" Sami blurts out as she punches EJ in the face.

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