Nicole rants to Detective McCarthy at SPD about filing charges against the police department for detaining her for no reason. Brady arrives, as does Abe. Nicole pleads with Abe to free her. He takes a call and Nicole shares with Brady that she knows something big about EJ.

At the warehouse, Bo tells Rafe and Hope that Nicole’s going to be released soon. They have to return to SPD. Rafe stays behind and calls Sami at the loft. Sami wishes she could see EJ's face when he finds out Rafe dropped Johnny off at home. Later, Rafe gets the impostor pizza and vows to take the DiMera's down. Robo replies, "Or die trying."

In the park, Taylor returns as Stefano tells EJ they need to eliminate Rafe. Taylor wants him brought to justice, but doesn’t want them to take the law into their own hands. EJ explains that Rafe took Johnny home from school and they're trying to figure out what to do about it - legally. Taylor falls for it and takes off. EJ tells his father that he made a promise to Taylor but it’ll take effect after they deal with this.

While Gabi and Will work at the pub, Will tells Gabi how much his great-grandmother likes her. Everyone does. He jokingly worries some hot guy will fall for her but she assures him he's the only guy who seems to like her. He rolls his eyes at her insecurity and she insists she didn't mean it that way. She's over her insecurity and now wants to take it slowly. They flirt and kiss.

Nicole's about to tell Brady what EJ did when Bo and Hope arrive at SPD. Abe orders Bo to charge Nicole with something or let her go. Brady follows Hope and Abe out and Hope privately tells Brady they're close to putting the DiMera's away. Meanwhile, Nicole accuses Bo of harassing her. Bo asks her to keep quiet and threatens her not to screw this up. Nicole leaves with Brady and Hope wonders if she'll tell Taylor the truth.

EJ and Stefano arrive home. EJ questions Johnny about Rafe. The boy was happy to see Rafe but EJ tells him he won't be allowed to see Rafe anymore. Johnny gives him Rafe's message to be careful on the stairs and EJ hugs his son close.

Stefano turns up on Sami's doorstep as she's rushing out to meet Rafe. Stefano brings up Rafe picking up Johnny from school. Sami acts surprised but claims not to know anything about it. She shows him the door and takes a call from Rafe. She says their plan is working. "He's about to blow."

Brady and Nicole wind up at Cheatin' Heart. Nic worries they'll never get back what they once had. He thinks she has an idealized view of what they had and advises her to take a romantic time out. She jokingly asks for Charlie Sheen's phone number and makes Brady laugh. He takes off and she orders more drinks. Brady bumps into Taylor and suggests she stay out of the bar because Nicole's in there. He spots her engagement ring and tells her if she marries EJ, she'll be as miserable as Nicole is right now. She spies on Nicole drinking a dirty martini and removes the ring before heading in. Nicole offers her a drink and Taylor confesses she and EJ are engaged. Nicole tells her to go to hell and calls her a buzzkill. She turns away and starts to cry. She's glad their mother's not there to see what Taylor has turned into.

Rafe paces the park in dark sunglasses looking for Sami. She turns up in a disguise and has second thoughts. He assures her it'll be over soon.

Stefano heads to the pub and questions Will about Caroline and Gabi about Rafe. Will shuts him down as Bo and Hope arrive. Stefano apologizes for asking so many questions and takes off. Hope worries that Stefano's catching on to them.

At the park, Taylor tells herself she doesn't have any doubts about marrying EJ. Abe arrives and they discuss Rafe killing Faye and her impending marriage to EJ. He worries about her.

Brady finds EJ on the pier and urges him to leave Taylor alone. After Brady leaves, EJ finds a watch and flashes to his beating but doesn't see who the culprit is.

Sami, Hope and Bo return to Sami's loft and Sami calls Will to get the scoop on what Stefano asked about. She worries Stefano is on to them. Bo and Hope reassure her.

Stefano returns home and talks to his goons about getting knocked out. Stefano says at least they now know somebody's helping Mr. Hernandez. But why?

Rafe walks back to the warehouse and Nicole spots him. She's surprised he's on the loose and follows him.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

"What if she doesn't perform in the bedroom?" Kate asks Quinn. He tells her she'll then have to face the music.

"You've got a secret and I'm going to find out what it is," Nicole says.

"We've got a problem a big one," Sami says in a panic.

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