EJ gets down on one knee and proposes marriage to Taylor at the park. He's crestfallen when she says she can’t. There are too many obstacles in the way. He hopes he hasn’t screwed things up between them. Taylor isn't sure how she's feeling but wants to wait until things are settled down. EJ disagrees. If they're not going to marry, he thinks they should call it a day. She doesn't like his scare tactics but he insists it's not a ploy. He wants her to take a leap of faith. If she has doubts about them, he doesn't think they've a chance.

Lexi goes to Stefano at the mansion to ask why Rafe killed Faye. Stefano says Rafe hasn’t been himself since the accident but Lexi thinks he's worried about Rafe, considering security has been doubled. They head into the great room where Stefano shares how he's trying to stop EJ from marrying Taylor. He gripes about how women are Elvis' Achilles heel, but Taylor's the most dangerous woman EJ has been with because she's moral.

Bo calls Rafe to get an update about the doppelganger. He asks if Rafe will lay low. The doppelganger struggles with his binds as Hope and Bo ask Rafe to do something dangerous.

At the pub, Quinn finds Vivian. "Hey ma?" Vivian cringes. He tells her he's been learning about her but doesn't know why she returned to Salem. She skirts the question and Quinn brings up her ill-fated marriage to Victor. Quinn asks her to open up. He's positive she returned to town to take revenge on Carly Manning. Vivian admits it's true. She seeks revenge on Carly for what she did to Nicholas. The problem is, Carly's made of Teflon. Quinn suggests they team up against Carly. Vivian likes that idea. They agree to find her weakness and exploit it.

Daniel touches Carly as they work, making her a little hot under the collar. She's startled when she bumps into Jenn. She makes an excuse to leave. Daniel walks up and Jenn's distracted when he asks her for a date. She rushes after Carly.

Melanie meets Abby on the pier. They discuss Abby's issues with Chad being a DiMera. Abby suggests raising boys in laboratories so they're not influenced by their family. Mel likes her idea. Talk turns to their parents dating. They both admit that each wants their parents to get back together.

Jennifer follows Carly back to the Salem Inn and stages a mini-intervention. She had the white powder tested and it wasn't Aspirin. She won't let her ruin her life. Carly shouts that she has never made any mistakes at work but Jennifer scoffs. Carly resorts to promising she won't use again but Jennifer doesn't believe that. She loves her and looks up to her and will do what it takes to help her. Carly insists her problem is over. Jenn accuses her of not facing reality. Carly lists off all the people she has lost. Bo, a patient, her son... she trails off and Jennifer assumes she's the one stealing drugs from the hospital. Carly thanks Jenn for caring but asks for some alone time. Jenn leaves against her better judgement.

Back at the park, Taylor tells EJ she has faith and then says, "Yes, I will marry you." They laugh and make out as Stefano watches. EJ officially proposes again and puts the ring on her finger. EJ spots his father and yells at him to go away. Stefano wants to congratulate them and welcomes Taylor to the family. Tay leaves and Stefano tells him about the note they received. When Mary calls EJ to tell him Rafe was at the house, EJ jumps.

Bo and Hope take down a couple of goons outside of the DiMera mansion. Rafe takes Johnny to the front door to Mary, who gasps as he tells her he hopes she doesn't mind he picked Johnny up from school. He plants a new bug and tells Johnny to give the DiMera's a message that the next time they head down those stairs, they should be very careful.

Taylor goes to Lexi at the hospital and shows off her engagement ring. Lexi looks worried but congratulates Taylor anyway. Taylor brings up Faye and her killer. In another room, Jenn turns down Daniel for a trip to San Francisco after she thinks about helping Carly.

Hope returns to the warehouse and zaps RoboRafe unconscious. Bo and Rafe compare notes and Rafe plays a recording of one of Stefano's goons. They assume it'll work for them. Bo takes a call and tells the others they've a big problem.

Carly paces the pier as she wrings her hands. Lawrence's ghost shows up and tells her she can't beat this.

Taylor returns to the park and overhears Stefano telling EJ that they need to eliminate Rafael right now.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Sami says, "It's working Rafe."

Stefano assures his son that Taylor will make him miserable.

Taylor tells Nicole that EJ asked her to marry him. "And I said yes." Nicole smirks in disbelief.

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