Roman talks on his cell about a murder in Hollywood. He has a screenplay idea and won't be home soon. He could re-write it for Lindsay Lohan. He tells his caller maybe it needs more work, but it's a killer ending.

A storm hits town and half of Salem rushes into the pub to take cover. Most of the other half is already inside. The internet goes out. Justin announces that the streets are closed so they’ll have to stay. Next, they lose hydro. With candles lit, Gabi, Chad, Abigail and Will talk about their favorite Oscar pics for last year. Across the room, Hope and Bo notice Ciara’s swan costume is soaked. Bo takes her upstairs to dry off.

Chad begins a "True Grit" fantasy with Melanie as Matty Ross in a cabin asking Bo, the old geezer, to help find the man who killed her father. The geezer asks if she has a drink. She gives him one. He spits out the buttermilk. It lands everywhere. He suggests she give the murderer the same, which should do him in. She hands him a smoke and explains how her dad died. He refuses to go anywhere near the killer, Ned Curry. She pulls a gun on him. His attitude could get him killed. The geezer gets up and tells her to pull back the hammer if she wants to shoot. He figures she doesn’t have bullets. She shoots and grazes his ear. He tells her to come along and make movie history. Outside she asks if he’s really missing an eye. No, it just looks cool. She gives him her pappy’s gun and her hat to remember her by. She says they should say goodbye gruffly with oceans of subtext. He rides off on a bicycle. She walks by the Brady Saloon sign. Chad returns to reality.

The young people continue to compare their favorite movies. Chad escapes into fantasy again... Hope is dressed in a "Black Swan" figure-skating garb. She thanks her Maggie/Mommy for everything. Mommy tells Hope she’s too beefy for a skater. Hope’s eye twitches. Mommy offers her cake. Hope refuses it and Maggie/Mommy throws the cake in the wastebasket. Hope grabs the wastebasket and shovels the cake into her mouth. Mommy hopes it doesn’t go to her hips and leaves. Hope keeps pushing cake into her mouth. After her performance Hope is laying on the stage with her eyes closed. She's told her performance was magnificent and opens her eyes.

In "The Social Network" fantasy, a number of executives are around a boardroom table. Chad/Mark Zuckerberg admits he’s a gazillionaire. Little children dressed in suits say all the money he made should be theirs because the idea was theirs and anyway they are cuter than him. He says he’s cute, in a geeky way. They agree he’s obsessed with breasts. A woman hits on him. Zuckerberg pulls out a wad of cash. He realizes he must be tired because this was an extensive flashback, almost as long as "Citizen Kane."

Kinsey and Abigail talk about their favorite movies and Gabi escapes into a fantasy... EJ and Nicole are Debbie and Chuck. They love the lawn next door and figure the neighbor is a real gardener. Brady tells them in witness protection they have to blend in. Chuck has to learn to speak like an American but he doesn’t want to abandon his superb elocution. Brady tells him he talks too much. American men just grunt. Chuck needs to learn to do that. Chuck learns how to say, "Gimmie a beer," but then adds, "Please." Chuck begins a story about his nanny. She was awfully strict. He had to go to his friend Reginald’s house and drink tea and eat treacle. They were forced to watch Robert Donner movies for three days. Later Chuck is eating beef jerky and speaking in slang. Debbie says he’s a real American man now and hugs him... Kinsey can’t believe that picture won an Oscar and wonders if we’ve forgotten how to make real movies, with violence.

In "The Fighter" scene, while eating steak and drinking beer a topless Brady/Fighter tells his woman that he likes sex, meat and hittin’. She says his ma and sisters are coming over. They arrive, troop in, chewing gum, all with 70’s blonde, big hair. Adrienne/Mom asks what’s happening and pulls out a smoke. Is she willing to risk an open flame with all the hairspray in the room? Soon they are all arguing and a fistfight breaks out. One of the sisters emerges with a handful of blonde hair. Later, the fighter and his brother drink beer and listen to country music. Their mother has had eight more children and a reality show is in the works... Kinsey wonders which film made the most money.

The rain has stopped. Hope, Bo and Ciara go outside the pub and see a rainbow. Today taught them to be neighbors and Americans. Everyone joins them. Chad wonders if they will all remember what happened today. Abigail doesn't think so. Fireworks are heard in the background.

Salem Spoilers for The Next Days of our Lives:

Lexi suspects that Stefano is worried about Rafe.

Quinn thinks Vivian came back to get Carly Manning.

Jennifer vows to do whatever it takes to get Carly through this.

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