Kate runs into Marco at the pier. He’s waiting for a shipment. She heads to the pub and hides as Abigail leaves. Inside Kate joins Chad, who asks about EJ. He’s doing okay but they are concerned. Stefano needs Chad’s help. Kate asks Chad to give Marco a message. Chad agrees and leaves for the pier. When Abigail returns, Kate tells her where Chad's gone to.

On the pier Chad talks to Marco. Abigail hangs nearby and listens in. Chad sees Abigail run off and follows her. Marco gets the shipment and a disguised Hope distracts him. From behind, Bo hits Marco over the head and he falls unconscious. A bag full of money spills open. They grab the money, stuff a letter in his pocket and leave.

Chad returns to the pub looking for Abigail and tells Kate off for interfering. Kate warns him that Abigail is a Horton and he’ll end up hurt. He thinks Abigail has enough integrity not to judge him by his name. He’s not going to let her go. Chad leaves and finds Abigail on the pier. He asks her to trust him. He claims he’s not in anything illegal. She doesn’t think it’s possible to ignore his family connection.

Taylor finds EJ’s hospital room empty. Lexi tells her he checked himself out. Taylor tells Lexi they are in love. She hopes the man who murdered her mom will pay for it. Lexi hopes Rafe will confess and tells Taylor there won’t be a 'Happy Ever After' because her family is complicated.

At the DiMera mansion Stefano sees EJ in the living room and admits the monster they created is out of control. EJ wants to eliminate the imposter because he has tons of evidence against them. Stefano says the doppelganger must be kept a secret forever and that he has destroyed everything in the cellar.

Hope and Bo go to Sami’s. He shows her the recorder. Sami is ready for anything as long as it helps Rafe but she’s worried. Bo says RoboRafe is under lock and key. Sami leaves. Bo tells Hope he loves her. They kiss for luck and leave.

Sami arrives at the DiMera mansion and asks EJ and Stefano if they were talking about Rafe. Stefano asks if she’s seen the newspaper. EJ says Rafe has two different personalities. She says Rafe would never hurt anyone and accuses them of doing something. She plants a bug in the flower vase. EJ asks what she’s doing. She pleads that Rafe didn’t do anything. EJ has no memory of the beating. She leaves as does EJ. Stefano calls security and tells them to follow EJ.

Maggie goes to Victor’s mansion. She tells him that Melanie is trying to get them together again. She wants to give it one last shot and nothing can stop her. She asks why he decided they couldn’t be together without asking her. She kisses him passionately and tells him to think about it. Victor is left standing stunned.

Back at Sami’s, Hope and Bo show her Stefano’s loot. They figure he will be furious when he’s out his money. Bo sets up the computer but it becomes apparent that the recorder fell into the vase of water.

As the maid is cleaning up the DiMera living room, Marco walks in and tells Stefano that he got jumped and a letter was left in his pocket. Stefano reads the letter from RoboRafe threatening him. Later, Stefano finds out that EJ is in the park with Taylor. He's livid.

In the park, EJ kisses Taylor and says he’s fine. They sit on a bench. He asks her what she was thinking about. She was thinking about her mother being murdered and she’s worried about him. He assures her nothing else will go wrong. He knows for certain what the future has in store for both of them. EJ gets on his knees, pulls out a ring, and asks Taylor to be his wife. She is speechless.

Salem Spoilers for The Next Days of our Lives:

Roman has an idea for a screenplay.

Maggie tells Hope she did everything for her.

Melanie is prepared to pay fifty dollars to an old geezer for the man who killed her father.

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