Sami freaks out at home about the possibility of Rafe being killed. She asks Bo and Hope how long they need to lie low. They need Sami’s full support before they move forward. She reluctantly agrees. Rafe assures her that it will be okay. They kiss. Dario comes to their door. Rafe thanks him for finding Arianna’s killer. Dario can’t lose anyone else. Rafe hugs him. When Dario leaves, Sami and Rafe acknowledge that their new life will start tomorrow but he coyly reminds her they still have tonight and they begin to get it on.

At the hospital, Marco tells Stefano on the phone that there’s the possibility of a witness to EJ’s attack. Later in his hospital bed, EJ tells his dad that RoboRafe is responsible for Faye’s death. He feels he and his dad are responsible. Taylor has to know the truth. Stefano sarcastically suggests they turn themselves in and forbids him from being truthful to Taylor. EJ is sure he’ll be forgiven. EJ exclaims that the imposter went rogue. Taylor walks in. EJ excuses his dad and Stefano eavesdrops by the door. Taylor asks who would want him dead. She’s sure the man who attacked him was Rafe and asks if Rafe is evil. EJ's sorry. She says there’s nothing to be sorry for but he says there is. He can’t forgive himself for her mother’s murder in his own home! She kisses him and leaves. Stefano returns and vows, "We created this monster, we will destroy this monster." Taylor returns with coffee and Stefano leaves. EJ says Nicole has agreed to a divorce. He wants them to move on. Taylor always wanted a close relationship with Nicole and they did get close. EJ thinks she has guilt issues. He has them too. They must go on with their lives even though others aren’t as blessed as they are. He professes his love and she smiles. They kiss. At the nurse’s station Stefano runs into Vivian, calls her a stupid woman and tells her to get out of his sight. He walks off and calls Rafe on his cell. Stefano says he has another assignment for him. He demands he meet him at the pier at 6 PM. Rafe figures Stefano’s taken the bait already. Down the hall, as Jennifer approaches Carly and Daniel, she has a flashback to a conversation with Carly about drugs. Carly tells them that she has something to do and leaves. Jennifer feels she interrupted something, then shows Daniel the white powder in the bag. He’s shocked and asks where she got it. She doesn’t tell him. He offers to get it checked out. Later he tells her that the test results are in. The substances are prescription drugs that are highly addictive. Jennifer sees Carly and suggests a girls' night out but Carly is too busy. Jennifer reminds her that she’s a good friend and doesn’t want anyone or anything to come between them.

At the Cheatin’ Heart Brady is concerned about Melanie’s reputation. Dario tells Brady that he’s bad news and says he’s lucky they covered his ass at all. Bo walks in and Dario leaves. Brady tells Melanie he won’t rest until EJ has paid for what he has done. Vivian joins Quinn at his table. She offers to be his mother but he denies he asked her to be that. She suggests dinner later at Chez Rouge and leaves. The 'John' who hired Chloe walks over to Quinn and wants a new girl. Lola two-timed him.

At Chez Rouge, Justin and Adrienne toast Sonny’s homecoming. He brought them gifts. Adrienne opens hers. It’s a mounted rock from Mount Everest. His dad opens a watch from Tibet. Justin excuses himself to see Chloe who just arrived. He has a surprise for her. Parker is there. Chloe is thrilled. He brings her and Parker over to meet Adrienne and Sonny. Sonny tells her she’s beautiful. Chloe’s grateful to Sonny's parents for their support. She goes to a table and sees Quinn. He joins her. She says it’s not a good time but he reminds her that she works for him. Justin asks if things are okay. She says they are. Her 'John' was disappointed in her. Quinn chastises her. She gets the message. Vivian walks in.

At the pier, Stefano mutters to himself and kicks stones. Later on the phone he tells the caller to bring him Rafael Hernandez dead or alive, preferably dead!

Salem Spoilers for The Next Days of our Lives:

Chad assures Kate he’s not going to let it go.

EJ screams at Stefano that someone must be eliminated now!

Taylor acknowledges that Lexi knows the truth.

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