At the pub, Caroline congratulates Will on his graduation. Kinsey and Gabi are with him. Rafe and Sami arrive and Sami tells Rafe she’s so lucky to have him. He’s sorry for everything she’s had to go through. She’s ready to party but says the DiMera’s are going to pay for what they did. She wants to see EJ in jail and she’s going to make sure he can never con another woman. Chad looks for Abigail but sees Rafe and asks if they found out who beat up EJ. Chad figures he knows and leaves them. Sami hugs Rafe and she says she won’t let EJ and Stefano win. Rafe kisses her, then tells her that Bo wants to meet them so they say their goodbyes and leave the party. T asks Will if he wants to room with him at college. Will seems flustered and agrees to think about. He goes to Gabi and admits he's nervous about college.

Jennifer talks to herself at the pier and says she's made a huge mistake. Abigail comes along and asks what she’s talking about. Jennifer says it’s Carly. Abigail fills her in about Carly getting a prescription under her other name. Jennifer believes she is very sick. She found a powder residue in her hotel room and wants to get it tested. Abigail offers to go with her but Jennifer says no. They hug.

At the hospital, Carly pops a pill. Daniel finds her and they argue about the cover up. Carly gets angry and won’t let anyone else take the fall for her. She wants to keep Melanie safe. They argue. Daniel says they can’t have regret and must move forward and keep Melanie safe together. She apologizes and says she’s been stressed. She asks about Jennifer and him. She says not to worry about her. Sometimes he thinks she doesn’t know how he feels about her. He admires and respects her. He’s grateful they will always be connected.

Bo accuses Brady at the Kiriakis mansion of trying to murder EJ. Brady replies that he’d be happy if EJ thought it was him. Bo tells them he’ll take care of things. Victor asks about Nicole. Bo thinks she can help. Bo’s cell rings and he’s out of there but says he’ll keep in touch. Brady thinks he should go to the hospital and finish the job on EJ. Victor thinks he’s an idiot. They have to hold back for Melanie’s sake. If the DiMera’s find out anything Melanie will be in danger. Victor doesn't think Brady's being a friend to Mel.

At Cheatin' Heart, Detective McCarthy quizzes Dario. Melanie has an alibi for him. She admits she and Dario spent that night together. Adrienne has a flashback then says that Melanie is telling the truth. The detective leaves and Adrienne quizzes them next. She knows they are hiding something and tells hem to be careful. Adrienne leaves, the two talk and she kisses him. Brady watches.

Nicole asks Taylor at the police station if she really believes that EJ killed their mother. Nicole thinks there could have been extenuating circumstances and EJ could be the cause of his own beating. She calls him a son of a bitch. Taylor enters the room and asks why Rafe is running around free. She says she needs rock solid evidence to believe that EJ killed her mom. Hope claims they are on her side. They want the man who killed her too. She says to trust them. Taylor doesn’t. Nicole says EJ and Stefano had Rafe kill her mom and she has Rafe's DNA to prove it. Bo opens the safe deposit box, and reads the document but it’s not DNA. It’s a will – leaving everything to Taylor. Nicole's shocked. Later Hope tells Bo they have to release Taylor but Nicole is required to stay under guard until further notice. When Nicole hears this, she wants to know what the hell she did? When she and Bo are alone, Hope wonders how the DNA results were switched. She tells Bo it’s time to move on with their plan. When Sami and Rafe arrive, Bo and Hope them their plan. They want EJ to think Rafe tried to kill him but they warn him that the DiMera’s won’t stop until he’s dead.

In Carly’s hotel room Jennifer scoops up the white substance and puts it in a plastic bag.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Stefano tells EJ that he must not and will not tell Taylor the truth.

Rafe says that Stefano’s taken the bait already.

Justin tells Carly he has a surprise for her.

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