Brady opens the door of the mansion in his swim trunks to Nicole. She tells him she asked EJ for a divorce, so he gives her a celebratory drink. She jokes that EJ was devastated and admits she makes bad decisions about men sometimes. So does he. He wishes he'd have stayed sober enough to kill EJ. Victor walks in, disgusted at the scene, and kicks Nicole out. He thinks Stefano will assume that if they’re together, it must mean Brady is EJ’s attacker and that Nicole put him up to it. He thinks Nicole could be killed, but finds that funny. "Every cloud does have a silver lining."

Melanie surprises Maggie at the pub and tries to get Maggie to lure Victor out of town. Maggie won’t do it so Melanie admits Brady is EJ's attacker. She explains the entire story and why they're covering it up. Mel is worried about retaliation. Maggie wants to help but admits that though she loves Victor, she sometimes feels too connected to Mickey to give in to her love. She tears up and Melanie encourages her to live and love again. Melanie wonders if she should have walked away when she saw EJ and Brady. The cover-up is getting to her and she hopes nobody else has to pay for her actions. Maggie agrees to talk to Victor.

At Cheatin' Heart, Adrienne and Dario are doing inventory when Detective McCarthy arrives, asking to question Dario about his whereabouts last night, when EJ DiMera was attacked. Both Adrienne and Dario say he was at work. Adrienne recalls Dario’s bloody scarf and the detective says somebody placed Dario at the scene of the crime. Dario admits he wasn't at work the whole night. Melanie walks in as the detective prepares to drag Dario downtown.

At the hospital, EJ's shocked when Taylor tells him Rafe killed her mother. He apologizes and blames himself for not protecting her. Taylor's confused so he covers, saying he sensed something was wrong with Rafe after the accident. Taylor becomes unhinged and EJ tries to calm her but she demands the truth about why Sami, Rafe and the cops were in the mansion. In another room, Maxine hangs up on a reporter from The Intruder who wants to discuss the missing meds. When Jenn comes along, Maxine informs her about the call and Jennifer flashes to all the white powder at Carly's hotel room. Nearby, Bo tells Hope he's off to question EJ. Jenn comes along and hints to Hope that she knows something that could blow somebody Bo loves right out of the water. Bo heads in to see EJ and arrests Taylor for attacking Hope. EJ's pissed but Bo doesn't care. EJ promises to get Tay a lawyer. They leave and Carly goes to EJ and gives him pain medicine and then finds Jenn ready to tell Hope that Brady attacked EJ. They debate telling Hope and Jenn admits Brady did this to EJ and Mel's covering it up. Carly is on edge and Hope notices. Once Carly goes to take a call, Hope questions Jenn about Carly’s nervousness. Jenn passes it off as work stress. They worry about DiMera payback. Hope leaves and Carly returns, apologetic about losing it in front of Hope. She takes off to check on EJ. Later, Jenn tells Maxine she called the reporter at the Intruder and calmed her down. To herself, she wonders if Carly’s the one stealing drugs and steals Carly’s pass card. Carly checks on EJ, who is resting. Hope walks in and wants to help Melanie.

Bo takes Taylor to SPD and questions how EJ took it when he learned about Faye's murder. Taylor's angered by the question. Bo takes a call from Hope who tells him Brady is the one who jumped EJ. Bo rushes off to the Kiriakis mansion.

Back at the mansion, Brady’s certain that EJ will go after him, not Nicole. Victor tells Nic to get lost. Bo walks in and arrests Nicole. She’s surprised but smirks. He thinks she’ll be safe in jail but she thinks he wants to shut her up. “There is that,” he agrees. A cop takes her away and Bo admits he knows Brady put EJ in the hospital. He needed to get Nicole out of the way until he figures out what to do with Brady. Victor thinks they should try to get somebody to take the fall. Bo personally wishes Brady had succeeded in offing EJ but the cop inside him reminds Brady this is attempted murder. There’ll be no arrest yet.

Nicole is ushered into the room with Taylor at SPD. Taylor knows who attacked EJ. "It was Rafe."

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Jenn tells somebody, "Carly is sick very sick."

Sami tells Rafe that EJ’s going to be alone for the rest of his miserable life.

Nicole tells Taylor, "You’re so in love with this guy that you can’t even see straight."

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