On the pier, Taylor gets a call from Lexi that EJ is in the hospital. She hangs up and Rafe appears, telling she's not going anywhere. He grabs her to keep her from leaving and she screams wildly for help. Once he gets her calm, he asks if she's told anyone that she thinks he killed her mother. Taylor lies that she didn't. She says her mother never hurt anyone and doesn't understand why anyone would want to kill her.

In the hospital room, Nicole tells EJ she knows what he did and wants a divorce right now. EJ laughs. She asks if he thinks he's going to jump back in her sister's bed when he gets out of there - because if so, he thought wrong! Nicole says her love for Sydney made her stayed married to him, so she's giving her up. She adds that she wants him to suffer. EJ mocks her words. Nicole says he'll see. EJ says Taylor hates her as much as he does. Nicole reiterates that she knows what he did and she's going to tell Taylor.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Melanie tells Brady they are covering for him so he can't screw it up by going after EJ. Brady wishes she hadn't gotten involved. He says he can't forget what EJ did. Melanie says she understands how he feels about EJ, but he can't start Salem's version of World War III. Victor comes in to confront Brady. He heard EJ was beaten to a pulp and knows it was him who did it. Melanie lies to cover for Brady. Victor confronts her about lying to him and warns her never to do it again. Melanie tells Victor he is bad for Brady just like he was for Philip. She explains that they do reckless things to prove themselves to him. He says she's been spending too much time with Maggie.

In the hospital outside EJ's room, Lexi questions Daniel about why he injected EJ with a sedative when he has a serious head injury. Daniel deflects the question and angrily says he saved EJ. Lexi apologizes.

Jennifer looks at the white powder in Carly's house. Carly wakes up and asks what she's doing. Jennifer says she was looking for her keys and confronts her about what is on the table. Jennifer gets a call from Daniel checking in. She tightly tells him everything is fine. When Jen hangs up, Carly asks if she's accusing her of doing drugs. She tells Jennifer she just crushed up an aspirin. Jennifer goes along with it, but seems concerned.

At the DiMera Mansion, Stefano asks the maid how the decanter got broken. She says it wasn't exactly an accident. Suddenly, Lexi calls to tell Stefano that EJ is in the hospital. Stefano instructs the maid to tell Katherine and Chad to meet him at the hospital.

Julie and Maggie discuss Victor at the Brady Pub. Maggie thinks it may be time to forget about him once and for all. She admits that she is kind of relieved that he wants to call things off. Julie is skeptical. Maggie tells Julie she is conflicted about being with anyone. She feels like Mickey might not like it. Julie gives her a pep talk, but Maggie says she feels sad all the time and just hides it. She believes Victor was only with her because it's safe. Julie thinks Victor was good for Maggie, and she was good for him. Maggie acknowledges that, but declares that it's over.

In the hospital waiting area, Bo speaks to Hope by phone, telling her he's still waiting to speak to EJ. He lets her know that Rafe went looking for Taylor, who got away from Sami's. Stefano shows up as Bo is asking the nurse about talking to EJ. Stefano tells him he hasn't solved a crime in years. Bo heads into EJ's room and Nicole tells him his timing is just about perfect. Out in the waiting area, Stefano thanks Daniel for looking after EJ - he offers him his own hospital. Daniel says that isn't necessary. Carly and Jennifer appear and Daniel excuses himself. Carly says she's there to relieve him. Meanwhile, Bo sends Nicole out of EJ's room. Nicole overhears Stefano on the phone insisting that someone find out who beat up EJ. In the room, EJ tells Bo he doesn't remember anything. Bo says if whoever did it had finished him off it would have saved the State a lot of money. Carly enters to give EJ his pain meds. She goes and Bo pulls out his video camera, telling EJ it's proof he set in motion a chain of events that lead to a woman's death. EJ passes out. Outside, Nicole tells Stefano she knows what they did to her mother.

Hope shows up on the pier with her gun drawn. She tells Rafe to take off and explains to a bewildered Taylor that they don't have enough evidence to arrest him. She promises they won't let her mother's death go unpunished. Taylor says she's going to see EJ. Hope scoffs, "Don't tell me you and EJ are together." She warns her that EJ will hurt her. Taylor thinks he can change. Hope detains her to give Bo more time with EJ, but Taylor knocks Hope to the ground.

Salem Spoilers for Tomorrow on Days of our Lives:

Nicole says, "That was EJ's secret, wasn't it. That's what you wanted to tell me."

Stefano tells Bo he's the cause of this.

Taylor tries to get Hope to wake up.

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