Daniel, Carly, Melanie, and Jennifer monitor EJ's condition at the free clinic. Melanie apologizes for ruining Daniel's night, and then notices EJ waking up. Everyone exits as Daniel asks EJ if he remembers who beat him up. Melanie listens at the door as EJ recalls being on the pier, but says he doesn't remember seeing anyone. Daniel steps out to let the others know. Carly worries about what they'll do when the sedative wears off. Daniel decides that he'll transfer him to the hospital himself in order to keep Melanie out of it. He kisses Jen. After, Carly and Jennifer clean up the room in the clinic. Carly raises the topic of Jennifer's relationship with Daniel as they work. She makes Jennifer feel insecure by mentioning the physical chemistry between him and Chloe. Carly admits she's feeling conflicted about them as a couple, but then apologizes. Jen realizes she's not well and insists on giving her a ride.

Brady comes into the Kiriakis Mansion to find Victor sitting alone in the dark. Victor dispenses with questions about Maggie and demands to know who Brady beat up. Brady says he ran into a door. Victor notes the way Nicole was carrying on. Brady scoffs that she's a drama queen. Victor wants the truth about what happened. Brady rants and Victor muses that this sounds like a vendetta. Brady mocks him. Victor says he can be a powerful ally. Brady doesn't want his help. Victor says he'll find out on his own. Melanie appears and tells Victor that Brady was drinking at the pier and got into a fight defending him. Victor buys it, and heads to bed. Brady thanks her. She says he may have caught a break where EJ is concerned and warns him not to blow it.

Taylor and Nicole talk on the pier. Taylor says she wanted to tell her about their mom. Nicole doesn't want to hear it and calls her the 'slutty house guest'. Taylor tells her to shut up and listen. She says their mother's death wasn't an accident - she was murdered by Rafe Hernandez who through her down the stairs! Nicole asks questions. Taylor explains what she walked in on at the DiMera Mansion. She also tells her about her later conversation with Sami. Nicole murmurs that Rafe never would have done this before. She thanks Taylor for telling her, but says she can't process this with her. Suddenly, Nicole gets a call from the hospital about EJ and thinks about Brady having blood on his face.

At the hospital, Daniel tells an alarmed Lexi that he found EJ on the pier looking like he was worked over pretty good. Daniel asks her to step out while he examines him. He wakes EJ and asks how he's feeling. EJ asks how he ended up in a different room. Daniel wonders what he remembers. Lexi returns and they discuss what tests to run. EJ tells her he doesn't remember what happened.

At the warehouse, Bo and Hope tell Rafe that his double confessed. They show him camera footage and he exclaims as he watches it back - the last few minutes have been erased; the part that implicated the DiMeras. Bo curses. Rafe is angry that the DiMeras will get off. Rafe growls at RoboRafe to wake up and say it again. Bo and Hope decide they should take him to the station. RoboRafe laughs when he realizes the footage is screwed up. He asks for a lawyer. Bo takes a call from Lexi, who tells him about EJ. He promises to look into the incident for her sake. Bo hangs up and tells Hope and Rafe that this might work in their favor - EJ's guard is down. Bo and Rafe head out. After, Hope tells RoboRafe they got what they need.

At home, Carly tries to get Jennifer to leave her in the corridor, but she insists on coming in. Jennifer looks around and asks what happened in there. Carly admits she hasn't been well. Jen puts her to bed and starts cleaning up. She is preparing to leave when she notices a broken vial on the table.

Bo and Rafe arrive in EJ's hospital room. Lexi asks to speak to Bo alone - she doesn't want him to question EJ tonight, especially in front of Rafe. Rafe gets a call from Sami, who brings him up to speed on Taylor and Nicole. He and Bo discuss it. Rafe decides to go find Taylor. Nicole arrives and Daniel gives her the scoop, saying EJ may have been mugged but doesn't remember anything. She insists on seeing him. He warns her not to rile him up. Once inside the room, Nicole eyes up a pillow, grabs it, and approaches the sleeping EJ. She is about to put it over his face when he awakens. She puts the pillow under his head and says she knows what he did.

At the pier, Taylor gets a call from Lexi about EJ. She is about to head to the hospital when Rafe appears and stops her.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Carly wakes up and asks Jennifer what she is doing.

Nicole tells EJ she wants a divorce right now.

Taylor screams for help as Rafe tries to silence her.

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