Sami, Bo, Hope and RoboRafe recreate the night that Faye fell down the stairs and died at the manse. Robo confesses to killing her as Taylor walks in. She lunges at him. Outside, Rafe stops Kate from entering the house by making a pass at her, claiming he's bored. Kate gets a call from Quinn. They agree to meet and Kate suggests Rafe take up bowling to alleviate his boredom, before she goes. Back inside, Taylor demands Sami return the cameo and explain herself. They ask for just a little more time.

Gus and Vivian stroll through the park while Gus fills Vivian in on her son. Quinn hasn’t been married nor does he have kids, but he does have nefarious contacts. Viv comments that he takes after his father. Gus thinks he takes after her. "It's like being immortalized," Vivian sighs, and Gus shares that he's got a stable of models.

Quinn checks up on Chloe, who is still at the Club. She tells him the deed is done but refuses to let him speak to Rob, who is sleeping. She orders him not to call again and slams the phone down. She jumps back into bed as Rob comes around and tells him she’ll never forget their night. He wants to make yet another memory and covers her in kisses. She tells him the night is over and they part ways. Chloe finds Justin downstairs. He hands over the documents for her to sign for shared custody of Parker. Meanwhile, Kate wanders the hotel room, looking for a way to nail Chloe. Back downstairs, Rob catches Chloe embracing Justin for helping her. He talks about Chloe being worth every penny and Justin can see he's drunk. He gets rid of him.

Nicole orders a few dirty martinis at the pub when Maggie walks in. Nicole invites Maggie to unload her problems on her. She's sick to death of her own. They talk about how things ended with Victor. Nicole doesn't think Victor's worth losing sleep over. Maggie asks if Brady's worth drinking over. Nicole's not drinking over Brady, it's Sydney. She asks about Maggie adopting Melissa but Maggie reminds her it was different. She didn't kidnap Melissa. Nicole admits to making mistakes repeatedly and confesses that EJ uses her to hurt Sami. There's someone she has to see, so she jumps up and leaves.

Quinn meets Kate on the pier. She wants proof that Chloe's a bad mother to ensure she doesn't get custody of Kate's grandson. Quinn still has no proof and doesn't seem to care. He's tired and calls it a night, leaving Kate furious. Chad appears and tells her he took Stefano's special assignment. He's having second thoughts.

Abby turns up at Cheatin' Heart to visit Adrienne and Chad turns up as they're discussing how different he is from his father and brothers.

Back in the park, Quinn drops by Vivian and Gus. He trashes Gus, who takes off, and Vivian asks her son why he's in Salem. He admits to wanting to find out what it's like to have a mother. Vivian doesn't buy it. He mentions that he asked around and knows Vivian's not well-liked. She doesn't care. Quinn thinks he shares that trait and calls it powerful. Vivian thinks he has an agenda but they still agree to get to know each other. She leans in close, asking if he'd like to hear about the first time she buried somebody alive. He grins. He'd love to. Kate wanders by and watches them.

Sami takes Taylor home and admits Rafe had Taylor's mother's cameo. It looks like Rafe killed Taylor's mother. Sami struggles not to mention RoboRafe and stops Taylor from calling Nicole but Nicole shows up anyway.

Bo and Hope take RoboRafe to the warehouse and set up a video recorder in order to get proof that he killed Faye Walker. They start questioning him but he spews profanity. They ask to make a deal. Bo makes fun of how dumb he is and thinks Stefano and EJ are up at the mansion laughing their asses off at him. Finally, RoboRafe admits the DiMera's were behind everything and starts sharing his story and how it was all about paying back that bitch Sami. Robo kicks over the camera and it goes flying, but the video is saved.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

"Do you have any idea who did this to you?" Daniel asks EJ.

"It's about mom. She was murdered!" Taylor tells Nicole.

"Oh my god! No!" Rafe gasps as RoboRafe passes out.

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