At The Sapphire Club, Chad informs Stefano that Gabi’s happy her brother Rafe’s finally back to his old self. Stefano finds this intriguing. Talk turns to the business. They’re understaffed and it’s difficult to recruit in such a delicate business. Chad offers to help. Stefano needs creative paperwork. Chad assumes it's illegal but Stefano's philosophy is: "If they cannot put you in jail for it, then it's not illegal." Chad calls it pragmatic and agrees to consider it.

Kate pays off the server from the Sapphire Club, on the pier, who has no real proof that Chloe's with her john.

Lexi tells Maggie at the hospital that Victor Kiriakis contributed an enormous amount to the hospital. Nearby, Taylor calls the DiMera residence but Mary refuses to take her call. Lexi appears and offers to call Stefano. Taylor says it won't help.

At the mansion, Nicole’s surprised to learn that Brady beat up EJ, who is worse off than he is. She learns EJ was responsible for Arianna's death. Nicole worries he'll be implicated. Maggie arrives and walks in as Victor starts bashing Brady for bringing "this slut Nicole into my house." Maggie goes off on Victor and Nicole says the older woman's too good for Victor. She and Brady head upstairs. Maggie thanks Victor for his contribution, even though she's disgusted with him. Victor explains that things are always unhealthy like this around the mansion and he doesn't think she should be around it. It's not going to change, and neither is he. Maggie thinks what Victor really means by it being 'a far far better thing' just makes him an old fart. When he wants to have fun, he can call.

Upstairs, Brady and Nicole booze it up and discuss EJ. Brady claims the beating had nothing to do with her. She says her eyes are wide open concerning EJ.

At the free clinic, EJ stabilizes after hearing Taylor's message. Outside EJ's room, Jennifer returns with coffee and Mel fills Jenn in on what happened on the pier. She gives Carly the sedative to administer to EJ and asks Daniel to violate his oath and make EJ forget about the attack. He refuses her. Carly goes to Jenn, who wonders why she's such a mess.

FBI man, Tim, busts into the warehouse where Bo and Hope are holding RoboRafe. Rafe, who is still on a call with Bo, confirms that he sent Tim over. Tim agrees to keep things quiet as he hands over a package. He's clearly taken aback by Rafe's double and needs a drink. He leaves and Hope gives Robo a dosage of truth serum. Rafe suggests they go to the scene of the crime. Rafe will deal with the security system.

At the loft, Sami tells Rafe that she cleared the mansion out but couldn't account for EJ. She hopes that wherever he is, he stays away.

Kate arrives at the Club and learns Stefano had a diabetic episode. Stefano makes an appointment with his doctor while Kate credits Chad for giving Stefano reason to wake up in the morning and encourages him to take the job with DiMera Shipping. Stefano returns and Kate dashes off, leaving Chad to accept his father's offer.

Rafe stands outside of the DiMera mansion and takes the security cameras down. Sami heads inside, surprised by Mary. RoboRafe hears Mary's voice and rushes the door, claiming Bo and Hope are trying to kill him. Bo and Hope drag him away and Sami grabs Mary before she can call Stefano and lies that Rafe's drunk and she stopped by to get a doll for Syd. Mary wonders why he's wearing cuffs. Sami covers and threatens Mary, so she heads up to get the doll. Hope doses Robo again. He's sullen and calls her a bitch. Sami puts the cameo on and he starts seeing Faye. They reenact the crime and Sami goes flying down the stairs after RoboRafe scares her. Outside, Rafe stops Kate from going in. Back in the foyer, everyone rushes to Sami's side. She's fine and gets up, freaking RoboRafe out. He thought he killed her and has flashbacks to the murder. "I killed you, Faye Walker," he says, just as Taylor walks in.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

"If you're here for revenge, I need to be prepared," Vivian says to Quinn.

Nicole tells Maggie, "Tell me your problems. I am so sick of mine."

"You killed my mother, you sick son-of-a-bitch," Taylor yells to RoboRafe as she rushes him.

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