Bo walks into the loft and raises a gun to Rafe’s head. "I found your look-alike." Sami arrives and she and Rafe explain the entire story. Sami declares that this is the real Rafe. Bo puts his gun away. He believes them and admits he put a tail on Rafe, which led he and Hope to the double. Bo tells them to stay away from the warehouse and is told RoboRafe killed Faye Walker. Sami worries that they won't be able to put the DiMera's away for life and babbles on. Bo needs a confession from their 'Frankenstein guy' and he sets off to check on Hope.

Hope fakes trying to get RoboRafe’s cuffs off at the warehouse and suggests calling the station to have a cop run by. He adamantly refuses. Hope gives RoboRafe water, while he rambles on about that bastard double of his who left him there without water. Hope turns to get her cell phone when RoboRafe gets up and kicks her to the floor.

Daniel and Jenn walk into the free clinic where they find EJ coding. Daniel uses the paddles on him and EJ’s heart starts again. Jenn calls Carly for back-up but she’s zonked on her bed and ignores the call. Jenn leaves a message and goes to pick her up. Daniel accuses Dario of getting Mel into this mess but Mel assures him that it's not Dario's fault. Dario mutters about not getting justice for his sister and takes off. Melanie confesses that Troy was working for EJ and is Ari's hit-and-run driver. She lets Daniel know she's covering up Brady's handiwork, which Daniel understands. He doesn't want to cause another war between the DiMera and Kiriakis family. Melanie starts to unravel, and they wonder what EJ will do once he wakes up.

Chad arrives at the hospital to see Abby. Inside Gabi’s room, she happily shows Will the flowers Rafe sent. They’re puzzled over his new behavior but celebrate her release tomorrow. Chad and Abby appear and Gabi shows them her flowers and gushes about getting her brother back. Later, Chad asks Abby on a date and seals the deal with a kiss. Back inside Gabi's room, she over-analyzes Will's comments about not wanting to hurt her and worries about their future. Will's exasperated and tells her she's over-thinking things. They agree they never want to end their relationship. Abby arrives and Will takes off. Abby goes on about how she likes Chad, who is an honest and fair guy. Nothing like Stefano. She's sure he never will be.

From the Sapphire Club, Stefano gives orders over the phone to ignore calls from Taylor Walker. Chad arrives and immediately thinks Stefano's blood sugar level is low. He gets his dad juice and comments that he already lost one father. He can't lose another. Stefano explains that Chad has proven himself and wants him to move up in the family business and become a member of The Sapphire Club, especially since EJ is going in another direction. They discuss Abby, and Chad fills Stefano in on his trip to the hospital and how Rafe's back to his old self. Stefano finds this interesting.

Jennifer bangs on Carly's door at the Inn. It takes Carly a while, but she opens the door after brushing drug residue off the table. Jennifer barges in and explains that she needs to help Daniel operate on EJ. They rush off, leaving white powder on the table.

Dario arrives at Cheatin' Heart late to receive the shipment. Adrienne admonishes him and demands to know what the delay was. He covers and goes to work. Adrienne notices the bloody scarf in his pocket and goes white. She demands answers. He flashes to EJ but covers.

Jenn and Carly turn up at the clinic and it's awkward when Carly jumps into Daniel's arms, thankful he needs her. Melanie worries they can't save EJ. They discuss transferring EJ later as he starts seizing.

Back at the warehouse, Hope gets up and trips RoboRafe. He goes at her but Bo arrives and beats up the impostor and ties him up. After Hope and RoboRafe call each other names, Bo smashes Robo's face and threatens him never to touch his wife again. Suddenly, somebody kicks the door in. Bo and Hope raise their guns.

Will arrives home as Sami paces and worries about Hope. Will reports that Gabi was happy to receive Rafe's flowers and they all assume Rafe's back to his old self. Even Chad.

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