EJ lies dying on the pier while Melanie tries to force Dario to help her save EJ's life even though he is the reason his sister is dead. Dario's shocked to hear he was Troy's boss and refuses to help. Melanie eventually manipulates him into helping.

In bed, Daniel and Jennifer bask in the afterglow of sex. They're in awe that they wound up together. They make out and are glad they get along so well. Daniel gets a call from Melanie, who begs for help. The couple gets out of bed and rushes back to Salem.

Rob and Chloe return to the park from a prime rib dinner. While Chloe procrastinates, Rob wants to "walk on the wild side" with her.

Kate arrives at the Cheatin’ Heart to get an update about Chloe from Quinn. He informs her she’s with the john as they speak but since Kate's backing his business, she wants proof. He thinks this is beginning to sound salacious. Kate trashes Chloe and Quinn calls Kate classless. Kate thinks Quinn has fallen prey to Chloe's charms but Quinn simply recognizes Kate as a sociopath. Kate threatens to fire him if he talks back once more. He apologizes and tells her to go to room 316 in the Sapphire Club and get proof herself.

Bo and Hope break into the warehouse where RoboRafe’s tied up. They start to untie him, thinking he’s Rafe. He tells them he has a double and they assume the DiMera’s are involved. RoboRafe lifts his shirt up and shows them his scar, which he feels proves he's Rafe. Bo and Hope leave to get food for him and once they return, Bo acts like he's unable to get the cuff off the impostor. RoboRafe's personality shines through and Bo gives Hope a pointed look. Bo takes off and Hope makes a show of trying to unlock the cuffs.

Rob and Chloe arrive at the Sapphire Club, where Rob's staying. Chloe receives a call from Justin and quickly explains to Rob that she needs to see her lawyer. She tries to get out of staying the night with him but he paid for the whole night and threatens to call Quinn. Chloe remembers Quinn's threats and decides to go through with it. In Rob's room, Chloe drugs Rob's champagne while he showers. He drinks it and starts kissing Chloe. He finally passes out and Chloe receives a text from Quinn to ask how things are going.

Taylor arrives at the mansion but Stefano tells her Elvis is gone. He invites her in and tells her she's not good for his son. She can tell he's angry that EJ left the family business for her. Stefano calls her deluded to think she could make his son change. He calls her a flavor of the month. She doesn't like that and takes off. Later, Kate arrives and calls the Club to have room service sent up. She asks that they report back on the 'state of things' afterward. Stefano appears, and professes his love for her. They make out.

At the loft, Rafe orders pansies to have sent to Gabi when Abe arrives. He shares Taylor's accusations and Rafe denies stealing the cameo. Abe demands to see it but Rafe claims not to have it. Abe doesn't believe in him anymore, especially after the way he treated Theo. Rafe's shocked at learning Abe's planning on calling Roman to fire him. He asks Abe to give him more time. Abe refuses. He'll be back with a warrant. On his way out, he calls Bo to inform him of what's going down. Later, Bo turns up and points his gun at Rafe.

Dario paces as Melanie tends to EJ at the hospital. The sight of blood makes Dario queasy. They wonder why EJ isn't coming around. Jenn and Daniel arrive just as EJ's monitor starts beeping.

Taylor paces the park, worried about EJ.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Stefano tells Chad, "I think it's time you take the next step."

Daniel grabs Dario and demands to know how he got his daughter involved in this.

Sami arrives at home and asks what's going on.

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