Hope and Bo are in bed at home. Bo's happy they have the night to themselves but can't stop worrying about Sami and Rafe. They start kissing and have sex. Afterward, Bo receives a call. He says he put a tail on Rafe, who was reportedly seen at an abandoned warehouse outside of town. They head out.

Melanie finds Brady beating EJ on the pier. She yells at him to stop, thinking this is about Nicole. He screams that EJ killed Arianna. He explains how EJ hired Troy who was the driver of the hit-and-run as Mel soaks up blood with her scarf. Since she won't let Brady kill EJ, Brady decides to leave.

Nicole wanders aimlessly into the great room and looks at photos of the wedding and the kids. She thinks they almost look happy and wonders if EJ was already planning on leaving her for Taylor. Sydney cries so she goes to get her. Later, Mary takes the kids to Sami.

Taylor confronts Sami at the loft, accusing Rafe of stealing Faye’s cameo. Sami denies it. Taylor attempts to call the police but Sami grabs her cell phone and wants Taylor to trust her. Sami talks in circles about loving somebody even when there are insurmountable issues. She says the man she loves and trusts is back and she'll do what she can to protect him. She asks for more time to explain how the cameo came into Rafe's possession. Taylor agrees to give her one day.

In the warehouse, Rafe shows RoboRafe Faye’s cameo and insists he killed the woman. He wants answers. Robo doesn't trust Rafe. He wasted a lot of time learning all there is to know about Rafe. "You're a stick in the mud. You do everything by the book," he says. "You'll never let me walk and another thing, you're not going to kill me." He blows him a raspberry. Rafe takes out a taser. The impostor starts to laugh. Rafe takes a call from Sami. She explains there's a big problem.

In the hospital, Will thanks Dario for helping him pull off the surprise prom and leaves. Dario mentions Melanie asked him out, but plays it down. He leaves and Will returns with a photo framed of their "prom." Gabi worries she ruined their special night of love-making. He insists their first time should be special and kisses her. They discuss graduation and she hopes Rafe shows. Will seems to think Rafe has changed.

Dario arrives at the pub for his date with Melanie. He's late but she's not there. Caroline hasn't seen her and asks after Gabi. He relays the news that she's fine.

Back at the pier, Mel gets a call from Dario. She asks for a few minutes because something came up and he thinks she's blowing him off so he hangs up. Melanie chastises Brady for drinking and worries about the repercussions of Brady's actions. Brady takes off, angry that EJ's still alive. Mel calls Dario and asks him to meet her. He arrives moments later and she asks him for help. He questions whether Brady did this or not but that doesn't matter to Mel. What matters is saving EJ. Dario doesn't want to help. Sirens are heard.

Nicole finds a bloodied Brady in the park. She wants to take him to the hospital but he refuses. She offers to drive him home, because he smells like a brewery.

Taylor bumps into Abe and Theo at the pub. They head inside. Caroline can see Taylor's upset so she takes Theo for a milkshake. Taylor recounts her visit to Sami's place and thinks Rafe stole her mother's cameo. Theo returns and after hearing Rafe's name, whines about how mean Rafe is. Caroline agrees. Taylor has heard enough and runs out, calling EJ on the way.

Rafe returns home and Sami explains that Taylor returned and is on to them. Rafe didn't get anything out of 'the creature' either he says, frustrated. She's upset that they have to continue to rely on EJ to see the children and tells Rafe that Taylor's on fire. Rafe agrees it's only a matter of time until the gig is up.

Nicole makes coffee for Brady at the Kiriakis mansion. He wonders why she's not making dinner for her husband. "As if he'd notice," she comments. They discuss Syd and Nicole says the kids know she's not her mother and she has realized you can't make somebody love you. She admits she made a terrible mistake.

Bo and Hope break into the warehouse where RoboRafe's tied up. They're shocked to see him.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Abe tells Rafe, "You'll get no support from the Salem PD."

Quinn tells Kate that everything's going according to plan.

Melanie manipulates Dario. "If you care about me at all, you'll help me."

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