At Cheatin’ Heart, Quinn asks if Chloe’s excited to start her new job. He threatens to call Victor if she doesn't comply. Her date calls and Quinn tells Chloe her stage name is "Lola." She cries and says this will ruin her life. He leaves and she wishes she never met that slimy creep. She wonders how he knew just how to blackmail her. The client, Rob turns up, licking his lips at the prospect of a night with her. They take off together.

At Jennifer’s place, she tells Daniel her back is better, so he doesn’t cancel the trip. She thinks they’ll have the time of their lives. They make out and Daniel leaves to get her suitcase while Kate barges in and starts in on Jennifer for dating Daniel. She spits, "After what he did to your brother, have you no shame?" Jenn tells Kate this is none of her business. Besides, Lucas is fine with it. Jenn asks her to look in the mirror, reminding her of how she broke up her family, years ago. Kate says that's in the past and calls Daniel scum. He's an emotional vampire. Jenn lashes out, calling Kate inhuman. She knows what Kate did to Chloe. Kate insists Daniel will use her and walk away. She slings more insults and Daniel walks in. "Shut up," he bellows. He asks Jenn to leave the room and gets into Kate's face, telling her he'll rip her into pieces if she ever tries this again. Kate thinks he, much like Jenn, can't deal with the truth. She tells him this will end the same way it did with Chloe.

At the mansion, EJ tells Stefano that they can’t kill RoboRafe. Stefano stares at his son and tells him Nicole’s right. He has changed. He’s in a love-sick daze. Taylor will ruin his life. Stefano insists that "Rafe" dies today. EJ says he has changed but it's for the better. "Dio Mio," Stefano groans. Stefano wonders how he'll deal with the problem of Nicole despising Taylor. EJ thinks he can work it out but Stefano promises there'll be blood in every room. The "bloody Colombians" call, thinking he's in charge of the new shipment, so Elvis stomps off.

Taylor asks Rafe at the loft, where he got his cameo. He has no idea. Sami arrives and Taylor tells her she has some explaining to do. Sami takes the cameo and claims it's hers. Taylor doesn't believe her but takes off. After, Sami realizes 'the creature' killed Faye. They go over the facts and Sami remembers how strangely Robo was acting after hearing Faye died. She remembers him being in Faye's room at the hospital, too. Rafe gets an idea and rushes off. After he's gone, Taylor turns up. She knows Sami's lying. Sami refutes her claims but Taylor remembers a scratch on the back of the cameo and wants to see it. Sami says she doesn't have it.

RoboRafe is gagged and bound in the basement and flashes to murdering Faye and taking the cameo. He doesn’t think anybody will find out.

Brady meets with a goon at the pier and tells the man he's sure about this.

EJ arrives on the pier and Brady turns up. He admits he sent the text about the Colombians wanting a meeting. "Tonight's the night for you to pay the price," Brady warns. EJ's annoyed. Brady brings up his treatment of Nicole and Ari. He knows Troy was in EJ's employ, and was also Ari's hit and run driver. This makes EJ responsible. EJ says he's sorry she's dead and has tried to honor her memory. Suddenly, out of the bushes comes Brady's goon. He beats on EJ and then leaves Brady to finish him off. Brady hits EJ, who can barely stand. EJ gets a kick in but Brady smashes his face in and kicks him repeatedly, all the while telling EJ he's doing this for Nicole, Taylor and Sami. EJ finally passes out. Brady's not happy he passed out and prepares to hit him once more. "Say goodbye," Brady mutters.

Jenn and Daniel arrive at their weekend destination but Daniel's still agitated by Kate's visit. Jenn eavesdropped and heard that Kate doubted how things would end between them. They agree Kate was off-base and hug. They discuss activities and Jenn decides she wants to make love. They start kissing and pulling off each other's clothes.

Quinn meets Kate in the park and thanks her for handing him Chloe Lane. It's her pleasure, she insists. They decide to keep quiet about meeting.

Rafe goes to see RoboRafe in the basement. He shows 'the creature' Faye's cameo.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

In bed, Hope asks, "What's wrong?" Bo retorts, "You tell me."

Taylor demands, "Give me the phone Sami, or I'll call the police."

Rafe shows RoboRafe a taser. "Give me straight answers or I'll give you this.""

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