Rafe answers the door to the little chippie RoboRafe had the one-night stand with. She moves in and makes out with him. Rafe eventually pulls away and she heads inside the loft and starts removing her shirt. Rafe remembers Dario mentioned "Rafe" cheated on Sami. Alicia thinks Rafe seems different. More serious. Chad drops by looking for Johnny's toy and checks out Alicia. Rafe hands over the toy and tries pushing him out the door but Chad's entranced with Alicia, who wants an introduction and invites Chad in. Rafe says English isn't her first language and pushes Chad out the door. Rafe says he and his wife are working things out and asks her to leave. She tells him to call when they break-up. Only if he's going to be the old Rafe. "This version is boring," she quips.

At the hospital, Carly thanks Daniel for getting her soup while she was ill. She appears hurt to learn Daniel is going away with Jenn for the weekend. Daniel gives Carly credit for match-making and wants to help her find somebody. She shoots him down and he kisses her cheek. Once he's gone, she murmurs that she could be happy. With him. Maxine arrives and says Carly should go home if she's not well yet. Carly agrees and takes a set of keys Maxine left behind. She goes into the supply room, thinks of Daniel and steals a bunch of drugs.

Jennifer hobbles around the house in pain, holding her back. Abby comes upon her and she explains she’s a klutz and fell. She tells her daughter she's off for the weekend with Daniel. Abby thinks Jenn's rushing things. Jenn explains she and Daniel feel this is the next step for them. Abby thinks Daniel's on the rebound. Jenn reassures Abby, who relaxes and leaves. Daniel arrives and upon noticing Jenn's back is twisted, he massages her and offers to cancel their trip but her back seems better.

In the park, Taylor asks EJ if there's more she needs to know. He tells her there is but he wants her to trust him. She agrees to it, knowing it'll be hard to trust Nicole, who is beyond vindictive right now. EJ promises nothing will come between them but Taylor thinks Nicole could. EJ will handle her. He gives Taylor a huge bracelet with a cameo on the front. It reminds her of Faye's cameo and makes her tear up. She hopes her mom's cameo turns up someday.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano is interrupted by Nicole, bellowing for him. He asks, "Can you tell me why you're screaming my name like some kind of a fish wife?" She explains it's a matter of life or death. Nicole wants him to stop EJ from divorcing her and taking up with Taylor. Stefano's troubled to hear that. He thought he put a lid on it. They agree it's a disaster but Nicole's not helping. She should have come to him in the beginning when she started blackmailing EJ. She explains she was using it as leverage in order to keep EJ away from Taylor. She demands that he stop EJ with force. Stefano can't. EJ's a grown man. Nicole points out that Taylor doesn't approve of him. She thinks Taylor will take EJ and the kids and leave. They argue and Nicole says she knows where the bodies are buried and doesn't care. On the other hand, Taylor's very judgmental. Stefano reminds her she's an ex-porn star and a baby thief but she insists she's the better choice. She heads to the park with Sydney. EJ turns up. He won't allow Stefano to kill Rafe. He has a better way of handling it. Stefano blames Taylor for his behavior.

Taylor shows up at Rafe's door. He asks her in, mistaking her for one of RoboRafe's chippies and tries to act like his doppelganger. Taylor's uncomfortable and shocked to come upon Faye's cameo.

Chad has lunch with Johnny at the pub. Johnny goes into the kitchen and when Abby appears, she rushes to him with a lingering kiss. She apologizes but he loved it. She admits she had a bad day and acted out by kissing him but she wants to take it slow.

Carly makes it home and flashes to Daniel telling her he's off for a trip with Jenn. She snorts a few lines.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Daniel tells Kate, "You shut up and you listen."

Taylor wants to know, "What the hell is going on?"

Stefano tells EJ, "He dies today."

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