On the pier, Quinn shows Chloe a recording of them having sex. She points out that it proves nothing so he shows her another video of her taking the money afterward. She gapes at him and he thinks of it as her audition. The job is hers. Chloe's taken aback. She thought he liked her. He does and promises to look after her. Chloe thinks he's out of his mind if he thinks she'll work as a low-rent prostitute for him. She's almost in tears when Victor turns up and warns Quinn to stay away from Chloe, whose modus operandi is to 'seduce and destroy'. The men introduce each other and Quinn defends Chloe and tells him to take his own advice when it comes to women. Victor asks if they know each other but Quinn claims he's simply making an assumption. Victor finds him astute and takes off. Chloe breaks down and calls this sick. Quinn made her feel special when she was at her lowest. Quinn tries telling her how much money she's going to make and hands her a number. He'll be in touch.

On his way into the hospital to visit Gabi, Dario bumps into Melanie. They exchange double entendres and reiterate why Melanie doesn’t want to date him. Inside Gabi’s room, she worries about missing the prom. She learns that Rafe didn’t visit. Dario heads in. He hands her a sugar cookie and they bash their brother. Rafe turns up and talks to Melanie, who calls him a flake for showing up after the fact. Dario walks up and does the same. Rafe apologizes but it falls on deaf ears. Inside Gabi's room, she gets bent out of shape over Rafe, who turns up with an apology. She tells him to stop acting like he cares. She brings up her excitement over the prom but Maxine says she can't go. Gabi cries and Rafe comforts her. Will says he'll go and take photos for her and runs off. Rafe tells Gabi an embarrassing story about his own prom date who flirted with 'Chris Alvero'. They share a tender moment that seems like old times. Outside Gabi's room, Will asks for Melanie's assistance.

Outside the pub, Rafe is on his cell phone. He tells Sami he can’t wait to stop playing RoboRafe.

Taylor tries to walk away from Nicole in the park and Nicole grabs her. She wants to give Taylor the low down on EJ and all of his vile and dastardly deeds. Meanwhile, EJ calls Taylor and during their spat, Taylor’s cell phone falls out of her purse, thus answering the call. EJ listens in as the ladies argue. He overhears Nicole say that after leaving this park, Taylor will know the truth, and he rushes out the door. Back at the park, the ladies keep arguing and Taylor insists EJ has changed. Nicole says Taylor's the one who has changed. Taylor accuses Nicole of not wanting EJ's happiness and things get heated up when Nicole slaps her sister. Taylor goads Nicole, and she winds up attacking Taylor. EJ arrives and breaks them up. They argue and EJ says he may allow her a small part in the children's lives. Nicole vows not to let them get away with this. She leaves and Taylor demands answers.

Melanie and Will arrive at the pub. Mel bumps into Dario. He jokingly accuses her of stalking him. She asks him to help her out with something baby-sister related.

Melanie, Dario, and Will bring the prom to Gabi's room, along with a corsage, a suit and a gown for Gabi. Everyone leaves them alone and Will gives Gabi a kiss. She worries she's been depending on him too much, because of her family issues and senses he's distant. He's confused. He doesn't know where her insecurities are coming from but calls her the most beautiful and special person he has ever known. They dance and in another room, Mel and Dario pat themselves on the back. Rafe takes off and Melanie asks Dario to the pub for a burger. He asks if she wants to risk it and she does. Meanwhile, Gabi rests and Will climbs into bed with her.

Rafe bumps into Victor on his way to the pub. He asks for a suggestion in how to take the DiMera's down. Victor says they're damned near impenetrable but their weakness lies in those they surround themselves with. Victor notes that Rafe hasn't changed the way everyone keeps telling him.

Nicole heads home and yells for Stefano. "It's a matter of life or death," she mutters.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Jenn tells Abby, "I'm going away for the weekend with Daniel."

"Nothing is going to come between us," EJ assures Taylor.

Nicole asks, "Are you going to help me Stefano?"

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