Hope brings Ciara’s troop, the "Young Adventurers" to Jenn’s place to bake cookies. Jenn dishes about plans to go away with Daniel. The girls make picture frames next for their fathers for Father's Day and Hope asks if Jenn's ready to be intimate with Daniel. Jenn wants more out of life than she has had lately and they agree Jenn should go for it. Later, Hope teaches them how to protect themselves. Ciara demonstrates on Jenn that she knows how to kick and hurts Jenn's shin in the process. Jenn falls to the floor and wrenches her back. Ciara feels bad and goes to get ice while Jenn worries about her night with Daniel.

Maxine, Mel and Daniel stand around at the hospital gossiping about why Carly would call in sick. Daniel offers to check on her.

On the pier, Quinn explains to Chloe that he wants her to work for him as a prostitute. Chloe's disgusted. She thought he was a nice guy and that they were dating. Quinn thinks she needs money in order to be able to get her son back. Chloe tells him to keep her son out of it. She's not about to become somebody's whore. Quinn grabs her arm. "You'll do what I want you to do." He reminds her she spent the money he gave her. She owes him. He threatens to tell CAS she had sex with him for money. Chloe's jaw drops. He shows her the video of them having sex.

Brady stumbles upon Taylor leaving a sweet message for EJ at Cheatin’ Heart and questions her. She drinks some liquid courage in the form of vodka before admitting that she and EJ are in love. Brady asks how Nicole fits in. "You think you can give him religion or something?" Taylor thinks Nicole deserves to be with the right man anyway - him. Brady stops her. He's not picking up the pieces anymore. He lists off EJ's wrongdoings but Taylor defends him. Brady warns her not to come crying to him when EJ turns her life into a nightmare. Taylor spits out that EJ won't hurt her or Nicole. Brady smirks and tells her to take notes from Sami. Taylor worries about what Brady will do to EJ but he says he's not going to do a thing. As soon as she's gone, he tells himself EJ's going down.

At the manse, Bo tells EJ he got a call about a domestic disturbance. Nicole says EJ hurt her so Bo orders everyone out so he can get a statement. EJ tells Bo he married Nicole in order for her to become a step-mother to his children. Bo can see EJ's warning Nicole to stay silent. She backs down and admits EJ didn't hurt her physically. "At least he didn't try to set me on fire," she snaps. Bo tells them they deserve each other and leaves. EJ kicks Nicole out. He gloats that all he had to do was play the Sydney card and she's his bitch. Nicole threatens him.

Carly rolls around on her bed at the hotel. Daniel shows up. She lets him in and he gets out his doctor's bag. He examines her and assumes she has the flu. She breaks down crying and says it's true. He dries her tears and offers to take care of her and gives her chicken soup. Mel turns up to help.

Abby and Chad wind up at the pub, where Chad castigates Abby for calling the police. He thinks Nicole can handle herself and there are two sides to each story. Abby calls it the DiMera side and the Horton side. Chad leaves and Bo drops by to get Abby's statement. She tells Bo what she heard. Bo can't arrest EJ but is sure he's hiding something illegal. Abby brings up her issues with Chad, being that he's a DiMera.

Chad returns to the mansion and lets his brother know he's not going to say a word to Bo about what he heard. EJ admonishes him and advises that if he's going to spend more time with Abby, he has to learn to control the situation. Chad tells him to take his own advice.

Nicole finds Taylor in the park and hauls off and slaps her across the face for having sex with her husband. Nicole tells her to watch her step. "I'm in my comfort zone and that little slap - was only the beginning."

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Chloe asks Quinn why he's doing this to her.

Nicole snaps at Taylor, "You are not only a liar Taylor but you are a full blown slut."

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