Taylor and EJ wake up in each other’s arms at Taylor's hotel. She worries Nicole will find out they spent the night together but EJ couldn’t care less. He’s never been happier.

At the mansion, Nicole tries to find out from Harold, where EJ has been all night. He doesn’t know and wouldn’t tell her even if he knew. He leaves, so Nicole picks on Chad, who also doesn’t have a clue. He asks after Taylor, causing Nicole to blow up. EJ turns up and kicks Chad out of the room so he can tell Nicole he slept with her sister. Nicole calls it a big mistake, and gets on the phone.

At the pub, Caroline tells Bo that Rafe’s back together with Sami. She thinks Rafe's a con man so Bo decides to head to the loft and check up on the couple.

Having had no sleep, Sami and Rafe gulp coffee at the loft as they debate over going to the cops. Sami blames herself for confronting the creature alone and knowing EJ - there are cops on the take. She wants payback. Bo turns up and asks if Rafe's planning on returning to work. He is. Rafe has a way to put the DiMera's away. Bo wonders if Rafe's jerking him around, stating that he couldn't even get his act together at the station. He brings up how the children dislike him and Sami pipes up, promising that Rafe won't let either of them down.

Chloe arrives at Cheatin’ Heart and gushes to Adrienne about her time spent with Parker. This makes Adrienne’s day and Chloe admits she feels almost happy for the first time in a while. Working with kids and giving voice lessons is helping. She opens up about a young lady who has great potential and brings up dating Quinn. She realizes she doesn't know his last name.

Vivian and Gus are at the new restaurant arguing about whether or not Quinn is Vivian’s only son. She insists Philip’s hers as well. Quinn shows up and tells Gus to get lost. Vivian and Gus’s jaws drop and Gus takes a hike. Quinn asks if Vivian wants some Hemlock and she tells him she hopes he's not a monster like his father. He leans in. "What if I am?" Vivian simply wants to know what he wants and why he's in Salem. He taunts her and tells her she could be useful but he hasn't figured out how yet. After Vivian has left, Quinn meets with a client and shows him a photo of Chloe and offers her to him. He then calls Chloe and asks her to lunch.

Abby comes upon Lexi at the hospital and they discuss Abby going to lunch with Chad. She worries that if it doesn't work out, things will be strained with her and Lexi. Lexi alleviates her concerns.

Lexi, Abe and Theo dine at the Brady pub. Theo listens to James Brown and his face lights up when Taylor arrives. The men go off for chocolate chip ice cream and Lexi is relieved Taylor's still in Salem. She hears Taylor and EJ are together and becomes apprehensive. "Be careful of what you wish for," she advises. Taylor figures she knows EJ and he won't hurt Nicole. Lexi is more realistic.

Vivian meets Gus in the park. She says Quinn's playing a game with her and he's the one person on the planet who can undo her. She has to find out what his story is.

Back at the mansion, Nicole starts throwing vases at EJ's head after he takes her phone and threatens to make her disappear. Abby and Chad overhear this from the foyer and Abby calls Bo to drop by. Back in the great room, Nicole smashes a few more vases and EJ grabs her and reminds her if he and Stefano go to jail, she'll lose everything. He takes off his wedding band and yells that he'll give her a good settlement, then he'll marry Taylor.

Chloe and Quinn walk the pier and Chloe learns he's never been married and has no children. He tells her he's a talent agent and a client is interested in her. She seems interested but Quinn informs her the client wants her - not her voice.

Bo takes off from the loft after Abby calls and Rafe berates Sami for going to see the creature alone. She attempts an explanation and they wonder who the cameo belongs to.

Bo arrives at the DiMera mansion and finds EJ with his hands wrapped around Nicole's neck.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Chloe tells Quinn in no uncertain words, "You can go to hell."

Nicole tells EJ, "I want him to hear every word I have to say."

Taylor admits to Brady, "EJ and I are in love with each other."

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