At the Horton house, Abby interrupts Jenn and Daniel's passionate kissing session. Everyone's embarrassed and Daniel runs off to take a call while Abby teases Jenn, asking if in addition to slipping into something more comfortable, if she played the Barry White albums, too. Daniel returns and Abby tells Jenn Uncle Lucas called before she gives them privacy. Daniel bets Lucas wants to warn her about him. Jenn doubts it because Lucas already admitted things between he and Chloe were never any good. Daniel suggests that since their dates end up getting derailed, he would like to take her away with him. She loves that idea, so they celebrate by making out.

At her place, Melanie asks if Dario wants to be friends or something more. He asks, "What do you think?" She can't read him but confesses she has feelings for him, though she's afraid she'll wind up hurt. He's dangerous, like Philip was and she can't have that in her life anymore. Dario is annoyed so she explains she can't trust herself. She muses that Philip wasn't really even her type. They had nothing in common. She thinks she has to accept the fact that she's attracted to guys who make the wrong decisions. He cracks jokes at his own expense and then moves in to kiss her. She backs off and he takes an upsetting call before running off.

Vivian takes tentative steps toward Quinn in the park. She's been wondering when she’d see him and asks when the hell he’s leaving town. Quinn calls her a con but he can see right through her. He says he's not leaving anytime soon, even though Vivian offers to pay his way out of Salem. She calls him obstinate and tells him Salem's not big enough for the both of them. He wonders if they can start over and she can stop being so self-absorbed and instead be the mother who loves him. Vivian wonders if he wants her to explain why she gave him up at birth. He's still angry that she devoted her life to Nicholas and Lawrence. She brings up his new business venture and he jokes, asking if she wants to invest. She's not remotely interested. She assumes his father trashed her but he didn't. She abandoned him. He shakes as he tells her he doesn't give a damn about her. Vivian doesn't buy it. Quinn discusses how his father's dead and tells her to stay away from him - as usual. He leaves and Gus arrives. He's shocked to learn that Quinn's her son. Vivian explains she had an affair with a man in Australia who was a menace. She barely knows her son. She'll have to deal with him.

Rafe arrives home looking for Sami but is greeted coldly by Caroline, who starts scolding him for cheating on Sami. Rafe apologizes and is upset when he realizes that Sami's with the doppelganger.

RoboRafe locks Sami into the basement with him and tells her he has been free for a while. Sami urges him to get away ‘while the getting is good’ but RoboRafe needs to tie up loose ends. He moves in on her and Sami issues him a warning. He's not worried Rafe will take him down. He's more worried about her. He taunts her about their sex life and she accuses him of raping her. He disputes that she was begging for it but she thought she was having sex with Rafe. Now she has to be tested for STDs. She yells at him about having to send her daughter away and heads to the door but he stops her. She tries to slap him but he throws her across the room. Rafe calls and he takes her phone from her and starts strangling her. Rafe barges in and grabs his doppelganger and lays a beating on him. Sami hits him over the head with a wrench and tells Rafe that Robo wanted to kill her more than he wanted to get away. He's not going to be of help to them any further. She is sure EJ and Stefano will get away with what they did.

Will arrives at the hospital and learns from Maxine that Gabi is healing from her appendectomy. Will visits her and she’s hurt when she learns Rafe left. She talks to her mother briefly and Dario arrives. Mel arrives to the nurse's station and gives Maxine her application to the nurse practitioner program. They discuss her man problems and Will comes from Gabi's room. She learns Gabi's a patient and goes to her room. She is touched to overhear Dario crying. He was worried about his sister.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Vivian tells Quinn to stop talking in riddles and just tell her what he wants.

Bo asks Sami to tell him what's going on.

Nicole yells at EJ while she throws things at him. "You've been doing the horizontal mambo with my sister!"

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