Quinn smiles while he watches videos of himself making love to Chloe on his iPad. When Chloe arrives to the restaurant and questions what he's looking at, he offers to show her the video later. Tonight, he wants to wine and dine her. Quinn tells boarding school stories and Chloe assumes his parents moved around a lot. Quinn frowns and clams up and asks her to talk about herself. She opens up about losing custody of Parker and after they end their date, Chloe receives a call from Child Protective Services and learns she gets to visit Parker again.

Daniel takes off early from Jennifer's place, leaving her disappointed and wondering what she did wrong. Maggie arrives and Jennifer complains as she puts a dent into a pint of ice cream. She changes into comfortable clothes and admits she thinks she looked desperate to Daniel and assumes she's not his type. Maggie disagrees and asks her not to put so much emphasis on one date. Jennifer's not planning on dating him or anyone else again, stating it's not worth getting hurt.

Sami is disgusted to find Faye's cameo in RoboRafe's things at the loft. She assumes he stole it.

In the cellar, RoboRafe tries to free himself while he flashes to stealing Faye’s cameo. He looks forward to killing Rafe, soon.

Rafe bumps into Dario outside the pub and asks why the police let him go. Dario has no idea what he's on about, leaving Rafe to realize something's up. He asks his brother to stay out of sight tonight.

EJ cocks his gun on the pier and when he sees Taylor, he hides it. He thought she left town but she reports that she's staying near the airport. She asks him to go to her hotel.

Melanie arrives home. Since Dario's not home, she heads into her apartment and Daniel turns up. He vaguely explains that the night didn't go as planned with his date. He realizes he left his hospital identification at Jenn's and worries that she will think he left it there on purpose.

Dario arrives at Cheatin' Heart. He forgot to sign out when he left. Adrienne teases him about his feelings for Melanie while Justin tries to get her to stay out of his personal life. Once Dario leaves, Adrienne and Justin discuss their children and Adrienne grins happily as she shares that one of the kids is coming for a visit once school is out.

Rafe arrives at the loft and tells Sami he was almost caught. He's planning on paying the creature another visit. Gabi arrives wanting to clear the air, and after she runs off at the mouth she collapses. Rafe rushes her to the hospital.

In her hotel room, Taylor tells EJ she can't get him out of her head. She knows he's changing and loves the man EJ's becoming. She wants to be with him. They make out but EJ pulls away. He doesn't deserve her. He pulls out his gun and admits he was about to do something evil. He hasn't changed at all. Taylor refuses to allow him to leave. She thinks he really has changed, considering he didn't shoot anyone. EJ's not so sure. Taylor moves him to the bed, where they make love.

Jenn spills root beer all over her clothes and on the floor of the Horton home. Daniel arrives, and hearing her yelling, rushes inside. He's relieved she's fine and helps clean up. Jenn apologizes for looking like a mess but Daniel finds her incredibly charming and unbelievably irresistible. "This is why I can't be alone with you for one more minute," he says. She moves in and he babbles about wanting to respect her. Jenn asks him to put that aside and kisses him. They make out and move to the sofa.

Gus has concerns about how depressed Vivian is. They sit in the park as she muses about answering for past wrongdoings. Gus tries to probe her for more information and she admits this is about a wound that hasn't healed over the years. She'll have to face it alone. Later, once Gus has left, Vivian looks morose as she bumps into Quinn. She's been wondering when this would happen.

Melanie finds Dario going into his apartment and asks to talk. She would like to try treating him with respect. She knows they run hot and cold and asks if he wants to be friends or something more.

Rafe drops Gabi off at the hospital and has Maxine call Dario so he can rush off to see RoboRafe with Sami.

While Rafe arrives home to Sami, he finds Caroline instead. Meanwhile, Sami lets herself into the cellar, where RoboRafe is free. He locks them in together.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Vivian says, "Quinn, this place is not big enough for the both of us."

Rafe asks Caroline, "Why? Where'd she go?"

RoboRafe strangles Sami. "Say goodnight," he says.

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