Victor drops by Daniel’s place and sings Jenn's praises. She's all that Chloe is not. Daniel reminds Victor he's no Sir Galahad. He recounts his own shortcomings and tells Victor he's taking things slow with Jenn. They look at an old photo of Daniel with a mullet, and Rebecca. Victor says Jenn commented on Rebecca's beauty.

Abby arrives home, shocked to see that her mother "took out the heavy artillery." Her face is plastered with makeup and her hair is in a bouffant. Jenn says it's been a long time since she has dated and both Rebecca and Daniel are gorgeous. Abby gives her mom a pep talk and then admits she's off on a date with Chad tonight. Jenn's surprised, since he's a DiMera. Abby says he's nothing like them and takes off for her date. Jenn receives a call from Maggie with bad news.

Nicole cries in the park and talks about how her life is shot to hell. She wonders how it all went so wrong. Faye’s ghost turns up and tells her to ask herself how she can make things right. Nicole says if the kids weren't in her life she's not sure how she would go on. She knows what she has to do now, so Faye disappears.

Rafe goes through his belongings at the loft and finds Faye's cameo. Nicole arrives, surprised to see him back. He explains that he and Sami are trying to work things out. Nicole's there to bring "Dirty Kitty" over for Sydney, but Rafe says the kids are at Caroline's with Sami. Nicole brings up their truce and thinks it's all she has now. She hugs him and plants a kiss on his lips. Confused, he pulls away. She reminds him he was all over her before but he thinks it's all in her head. She comments on how different he is and blames EJ.

RoboRafe tries to untie himself while in the cellar. He flashes to killing Faye and taking the cameo and calls himself an idiot for taking a souvenir. He hollers for help and worries Rafe will find the cameo and throw him to the DiMeras.

At the manse, EJ shouts, waves his arms around, and insists to Stefano that this is his fight and he’ll end it. Stefano reminds him he could go to prison but EJ doesn’t want RoboRafe mucking around in his life. Chad interrupts and lets the men know he has a date. Stefano offers him cash but Chad doesn't accept. When Chad takes off, EJ rants that his kids are living with a sociopath. Stefano thinks EJ has gone soft and confesses he knows Nicole's blackmailing him. EJ tells him that Nicole has proof they kept Rafe in a cell. Stefano wishes EJ would have told him. They argue and Stefano blames EJ on the whole debacle. He has become useless since meeting Taylor.

Melanie turns up at Cheatin’ Heart to practice for the pool tournament. Dario offers to help but she has it covered. Brady arrives and Dario offers to pay him back for paying off the bookie. Melanie hopes they're nowhere near Dario the next time Dario's in a bind. Chad arrives and bumps into Melanie's pool cue. Brady makes introductions and Chad apologizes for breaking up their date. Brady says they're not on one, causing Dario to look up with interest. Abby arrives and notices Mel's staring at Dario. When Mel goes to get drinks, she assures Dario he doesn't have to pay back the bookie money. Dario insists and seems annoyed.

Daniel arrives at Jennifer's place with flowers. He compliments her looks and she shares that there was a small kitchen fire at Chez Rouge. They're closing for a few days, but there's a meal on the way. Daniel acts awkward. The meal arrives and they have some wine and share a piece of cake, but the date ends when Daniel's pager goes off. He stumbles over his words and kisses her cheek and leaves Jenn looking depressed.

EJ meets a detective from SPD on the pier, pays him off, and the detective calls Rafe and tells him he picked Dario up on shoplifting. He's down at the pier and asks Rafe to meet him. The cop leaves and EJ takes out a gun. Later, he hears footsteps and lifts it to aim but it's Taylor who comes out of the shadows, so he quickly hides the gun.

Nicole turns up home and brings up Rafe's return to Stefano.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Jennifer eats a pint of ice cream and tells Maggie she's done with dating.

"I can't get you out of my head," Taylor whines to EJ.

Rafe's doppelganger tells himself, "When I get out of here it's payback time."

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