At their apartment, Sami and Lucas are dressed for Sami's citation at the Brady Pub. Sami finds Lucas hard to resist and starts unbuttoning his shirt and kissing him, but he reluctantly stops her. He knows that they have to make it to the pub on time. Sami apologizes for what happened last night with EJ's call, and they kiss but are interrupted by Will, who takes a photograph of his parents kissing! He shows them his new shirt that he had specially made for today. It reads, "My mom is Sami Brady and yours Isn't!"

At the Brady Pub, Chelsea complains to Kate that Sami went from "Zero to hero" in two seconds flat. She is determined to find out how Sami did it. She too wants her family's respect. Chelsea wants her family's love while Kate doesn't think she needs it. She tells her to move on, but Chelsea is hurt. She admits that she has always wanted a big family when she was growing up - just like the Bradys'. Chelsea asks Kate if it's tearing her up inside that Sami is getting this award. (It's obvious that it is.)

In a booth, Hope and Bo worry about Shawn and Belle. Kayla comes in looking for Steve, only to find out that he left to Mexico to find EJ. Bo sighs aloud as he realizes that Steve lied to him when he promised to bring Kayla with him. Kayla is upset with Bo, so he comes clean and tells Kayla that Steve went ballistic when they were at Beverly Healey's office. He goes on to tell her that Steve has had a few 'episodes' as of late.

Steve saunters into a bar in Mexico and sees EJ sitting at the bar kissing a sexy brunette. He sits beside the couple and gives EJ an arrest warrant. EJ sends his female friend away and reads the warrant. He asks Steve to take it back to Salem, but Steve asks him to take it to the Salem PD himself. EJ reminds Steve that the Salem PD has no jurisdiction down in Mexico, and leaves to sit with his female companion. Steve follows him to the table and talks to him about the evil deeds he has done. EJ asks after John and is told that John was shot and is in a coma and that they don't expect him to recover. EJ lies and tells Steve that he had nothing to do with John's "unfortunate accident". Steve tells EJ that he sounds like British Royalty but he's nothing but a low class coward! He tells him that the cops have an eye witness! This piques EJ's curiosity and Steve makes a grab for him and asks him to tell him who got him through the police roadblocks? EJ asks Steve to let go of his arm. He's well respected there. All of the male patrons start swarming them, so Steve lets go. EJ of course, doesn't tell Steve that Sami helped him through the roadblock but instead alludes to knowing all about Steve's episodes, memories and strange noises in his head. Steve grabs EJ but the men from the bar hold him back. This only makes Steve angrier. He screams at the top of his lungs and grabs EJ and yells, "I'm going to kill you!" They fall to the floor and roll around for a bit until the men take Steve out of the bar while EJ yells after him, "Go back to Salem and say hello to Benjy for me!"

After Steve is taken out, EJ checks his pants. He can't find his wallet or his cell phone!

Steve wakes up in an alleyway and laughs as he looks through EJ's wallet and holds his cell phone!

Shawn, Belle and Mimi make plans with Max in his car. Belle goes into the hospital to say goodbye to John before they kidnap Claire. Belle visits John and comments on how warm his hands are and how cold hers always are. She reminds him of when she was little. They used to go on walks together and he would let her place her hands inside his pockets. She wishes she could put her hands in his pockets and make everything better. "I can't," she cries. She tells him her plans to leave town with Claire. She tells him to wake up and tell her mom that she loves her. She says a quick goodbye and turns around only to find Marlena standing behind her. "What's going on?" Marlena asks. "Why are you saying goodbye to your father?" Belle explains what she's up to, to Marlena, who doesn't agree with her plans. Belle explains that Philip is taking Claire out of the country so she has no choice. Marlena realizes that her daughter has no other choice and with a smile asks, "How do I help?" The two start to cry and Marlena knows she'll miss Belle. Shawn comes to get Belle and Marlena makes him promise to take care of her girls. He does so and the two leave. Marlena turns to John and begs him to wake up. "I need you," she pleads. "Please! Oh, please wake up."

Roman, Lucas, Will and Sami arrive at the Brady Pub for Sami's citation. Sami gets a round of applause, and Chelsea goes to Sami to ask how she received this citation. She asks, "You got any tips for a 'pain in the butt' in training? Sami tells her that the Brady's will give her a lot of chances. She encourages her to prove who she is and she'll get a chance like she did. Sami sees Marlena and runs to her to inquire about John's health. There is no change, Marlena tells her.
Kayla asks Marlena if she has heard from Belle or Shawn and Marlena admits that Belle came to her. She relays what they told her and says it's too late - they're taking Claire! Bo comes back to Kayla and tells her that he didn't get a hold of Steve.

Kate goes to Will to joke with him about his t-shirt but she gets a cold reception. Will tells Kate to watch herself or she'll lose them as a family.

At the hospital, Shawn gets a call from Mimi. She tells him that Philip is there with Claire. He hangs up and hides in another room. Philip comes in and sees Belle and asks, "What are you doing here?" She explains that she is there to see her dad, and Philip apologizes for the situation and asks her not to give up hope. She asks why Claire is there and Philip lies. He says she has been sneezing and is there for an examination. She begs Philip to allow her to hold Claire, and when he finally does, she starts to walk away a little and then calls for Shawn. Shawn comes running out of a room and punches Philip in the face several times. He falls to the floor and Shawn yells, "Claire is my daughter. Leave her alone!" Belle and Shawn run out to the car and make a quick getaway! An enraged Philip runs to the car but Max takes off quickly.

Back at the Brady Pub, the award ceremony begins with Roman introducing Sami. He presents her with the award and she starts to cry, while everyone but Kate claps for her. Sami thanks her family for giving her a second third and fourth chance, especially Lucas. She thanks him for giving her the strength to save him. Lucas and Marlena hug her and Kate comes to Sami with her hand held out. She tells her that she wants to move on from their past and start fresh. She and Sami shake hands.

Philip interrupts the festivities when he comes rushing into the pub yelling, "Where is she?" He demands that anyone who helped Belle and Shawn take Claire will all pay!

Next on Days of our Lives:

Steve shows Kayla and Bo what he found in EJ's wallet! (His travel visa!) He says, "If he wants to replace it, hell have to come back to the old US of A."

Philip tells Mimi that Belle and Shawn may have started this war, but he's going to finish it. "I'm not taking any prisoners.

Belle asks Shawn if they're ever going to be safe.
Tek asks Lexi to run away together!