At Java, EJ texts Allie on behalf of Johnny. He wants his daddy to tell her how pretty Taylor is. This gives EJ pause and Nicole notices. She asks why he still doesn't like her sister. He rolls his eyes and changes the subject. Nicole takes Syd to the restroom and Johnny boasts about how Rafe taught him to fight and he's even more fun than ever.

Brady and Taylor sit at the pub and discuss firing workers due to budget cuts. Taylor insists he start with her. Brady urges her to come up with another idea if she doesn't like his. Chloe and Nicole wander in and Brady's cold toward Nicole, so they take off to Java. Taylor asks if Brady's still in love with Nicole. He skirts the question since it's not work-related and she comments that he's a total Kiriakis. Brady would rather be a Kiriakis than a DiMera, and warns her against them.

At the hospital, Daniel offers Jenn a position in the PR department. She hopes it's not being offered because he and Lexi feel sorry for her. In RoboRafe's room, Carly tells Sami and RoboRafe that he has hypoglycemia, which could explain mood swings and the seizure. He refuses anti-anxiety medication and says he's free to go. Sami follows her out and Carly gives her the prescription just in case Rafe changes his mind. Jenn and Daniel turn up and discuss the job offer. Carly takes off and Daniel agrees to drop by the details of the job to Jenn's house, later.

Stefano paces the DiMera mansion as he discusses Rafe with a psychiatrist in a sanitarium. They hang up and Rafe asks the psychiatrist if he's going to get better. "Not on my watch," he replies. EJ arrives home in a foul mood, frustrated that Johnny loves 'Rafe' even more. Stefano says RoboRafe's been improvising and Sami knows something's off. They disagree on what to do with RoboRafe and EJ assumes Sami will forgive RoboRafe if they divorce over his medical issues and that's not what he wants. They agree that RoboRafe's a disaster.

Sami and RoboRafe arrive at the loft. She tells him there's no food so she runs to the store. She leaves and EJ calls to admonish RoboRafe, who just laughs at him. He and his father have the same sound bite. EJ gives him two weeks. They hang up and Robo throws his phone to the sofa. Sami returns with eggs, from Gladys, and can sense something's wrong. RoboRafe covers. He'll feel better after a good stiff drink, but they agree he can't drink because it'll mess up his blood sugar. Sami discretely stirs in some anti-anxiety medicine into his coffee and hands it to him. When her back is turned, Robo laces his drink with booze and drinks it down. He eats his sausages and asks Sami to talk about his job. He giggles that he has the best job in the world. He tells her he has a secret.

Back at the mansion, Stefano says threatening to turn RoboRafe into a vegetable isn't a good idea. He updates EJ regarding Rafe's status and says he's certain Chad's going to move in soon. He wants EJ to get rid of their other house guests.

Carly and Daniel arrive at the Horton house but Jenn's not there. Carly's there to discuss the job offer but thinks Jenn's trying to play matchmaker. Jenn arrives late and as Daniel puts away the cold cuts, Carly confronts Jenn about matchmaking. Neither she nor Daniel is ready to move on. Jenn agrees to knock it off and Carly leaves. Jenn grins and admits Carly told her off. Daniel jokes that it's always fun going back to junior high. They laugh and Jenn accepts the job.

In the sanitarium, Rafe's fed veggies by his handler, who warns that he's got an off-beat sense of humor. Rafe has been so easy going that the doctor gives him a gold star. Rafe doesn't like how the doctor says 'we' when talking about him, so the star is removed and the handler makes it clear that he's there to modify Rafe's behavior. It dawns on Rafe that he's never getting out of there. "Probably not alive," the doc says. Later, Rafe is surprised to learn he knows how to pick the lock on his handcuffs. He puts them back on before the handler returns.

At Java, Nicole confesses she is falling for EJ again but isn't sure how he feels. She asks Chloe not to give up hope for her own happiness. When Chloe asks how things are going at the house, Nicole calls her sister and EJ 'two pieces of flint' and blames herself for inadvertently brainwashing her sister into hating all DiMeras. Nicole second guesses asking Taylor to move in.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

EJ walks into the pub and jealously watches Brady with Taylor.

Kate and Vivian get into a cat fight and Kate falls into a cake.

Sami finds Rafe's flask. "He spiked his drink after I put drugs in it!" She gasps.

To himself, RoboRafe says, "I'm going to tell her about the real Rafe."

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