Stefano eavesdrops at the hospital as Sami tells Carly that Rafe is a stranger and one she doesn't like very much. She calls herself a fairweather wife. Carly thinks she should trust her instincts and decides to call for a psychiatric workup. Sami calls Gabi to fill her in about the seizure, while RoboRafe watches from his room and worries he has blown it. Stefano enters his room and RoboRafe explains he faked a seizure in order to cover for a violent outburst. Stefano suggests they pull the plug but the Impostor refuses to. Stefano threatens RoboRafe not to make his decisions. He screwed up and must pay. Robo thinks he can fix it. RoboRafe bashes Rafe, making Stefano think that Sami has gotten to him. Robo grins haphazardly but denies it. Stefano takes off and Carly and Sami arrive to discuss Carly running more tests. Carly steps out while RoboRafe apologizes for losing it. Sami realizes she made a huge decision without consulting him. Robo says they've gotten way too serious and he's afraid. He doesn't know why he freaks out all the time. Sami promises they'll get to the bottom of it.

Maggie reluctantly calls Victor from the Horton house, but hangs up on him after they say hello. He returns her call and she admits she hung up on him. He assumes she's conflicted. She looks at Mickey's photo, asking if he's sure, and then asks Victor for lunch at Chez Rouge. There's somebody she wants him to meet.

Philip arrives at the pub, where Chloe is on a call. The Seattle Opera Company offered her a part. She can't do it because she promised Parker she'd never leave him again. She needs to stop floating through life and needs to find a job. She wants to give voice lessons and already posted fliers at Salem U. Philip leaves and Justin arrives to discuss the divorce papers. She doesn't want any of Daniel's money. She wants a fresh start. She has to stand on her own for Parker's sake. Justin's glad she's in good spirits. She says Philip's been a big help.

Something upsets Chad on the computer at Java. He runs out as Abby and Gabi show up. Chad returns and apologizes for being weird. He's behind on his tuition but his late fees are already paid. He realizes who did it and gets on the phone to his father, but the DA didn't do it. He rants to Abby about it. She commiserates. He calls the Burser's office who says he won a special scholarship. "I just won the Stefano DiMera Scholarship for Illegitimate Children," he tells Gabi. It feels as though Stefano's trying to buy him.

At the loft, Dario blasts Melanie for not finding the hit-and-run driver who killed Ari. Melanie left it to the SPD and lashes out, saying Ari never even mentioned him. Perhaps she didn't want her to know what an arrogant, self-centered jerk he is. She suggests he talk to his brother about this. Dario insists Rafe doesn't care. Melanie tells him about how hard it has been for them all and reminds him he wasn't there, so he can't pass judgment. Dario wishes he could have been there. He receives a call from Gabi and leaves Melanie at the loft while he rushes to the hospital.

Victor arrives at Chez Rouge, upset, thinking that Maggie's trying to set him up with some old lady. She tells him to relax. She wants him to meet her. She admits she just realized that Victor's been trying to get her to live her life instead of giving up after Mickey died. Maggie admits she feels young, stupid, scared, curious and happy around him. "I feel alive!" Mickey would be furious if she turned her back on this. Victor's astounded. Maggie tears up and Victor starts to cry. Maggie promises not to tell anyone he's not as tough as he seems. Maggie's giddy with excitement and Victor promises they'll have fun. They toast to Maggie Horton. The woman of Victor's dreams, but Maggie toasts to them and the future.

Chad goes to Stefano at the mansion to ask if he set up the scholarship at Salem U for him. He asks what he's signing up for if he takes it. Will he owe the DiMera's service after graduation? Stefano barks out a laugh. He likes that Chad's shrewd like his mother. Stefano invites him to play chess, thinking it'll show Chad who he's dealing with. Stefano offers Chad to move in and says he wouldn't lose his scholarship if he does. Chad calls "checkmate" as Stefano chuckles. Chad calls him a formidable opponent. Stefano says he is too, and he's a DiMera no matter how much he tries to deny it.

Melanie and Philip gaze at Parker at the mansion. Melanie asks for a divorce and Philip decides not to make it harder on her by fighting it. He loves her. Melanie's touched.

Dario and Gabi arrive at the hospital. Sami brings them up to speed. They visit RoboRafe, who apologizes and tells Dario he's glad he's in Salem and wants him to stay with them. Outside, Sami thinks something's off and she won't rest until she gets Rafe back. Nearby, Carly reads the test results, shocked.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Taylor tells Brady, "So far, you've acted like a Kiriakis."

Carly tells Sami there's a discrepancy in the test results.

"She knows that something is off," Stefano tells EJ.

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