At SPD, when Sami tells RoboRafe Dario moved in, he smashes a mug in his anger and asks what's wrong with her. She's shocked he's throwing mugs. He tells her he's never going to be the guy she wants him to be. He doesn't like that she undermined him. Sami didn't realize she did and was only trying to help them mend fences. He warns that she can't keep undermining things like this or it's not going to work for them. Sami spits that this isn't working for her either. She loves him but can't do this anymore. "You're not you anymore," she quips. She can see Allie wasn't exaggerating when she told her he was being mean to her. RoboRafe apologizes and blames this on a headache he's had for hours. He collapses.

Dario opens the door to the loft, half naked, to Mel. They bicker about the theft and he dumps the contents of his water bottle on her head. "That should cool you off." Melanie explains she had a lot taken from her these past few months. Dario says he'll tell his brother to throw the book at him. He shuffles to the shower and when he returns, she's still there, drying off her hair. She wants to know why he needed the cash. He needed it to find Ari's killer. Mel softens. Ari was her friend. Dario blasts her for not finding the killer on her own.

Carly arrives at Java and sees Vivian. She flashes to being buried alive. Meanwhile, Vivian flashes to being in the sarcophagus and shares her ordeal with Carly. She taunts her about losing Bo to Hope once again. Carly has fond memories of her time with Bo and sneers that all Vivian has is Gus. She leaves and Maggie wanders in. Viv tells her she has won Victor. Maggie says there is no her and Victor. Vivian wonders if Maggie can truly be happy at home with the memories of her husband. She knows she wouldn't be. She leaves Maggie in thought.

At the hospital, Nathan talks to Dr. Cooper on the phone about the fellowship at John's Hopkins. Stephanie overhears and he tells her he's leaving. She assumes he feels too awkward working around her but he insists that's not true. He tells her things are over between him and Melanie and she blames herself. If she hadn't been so desperate to hold on to him, he'd be with Mel. He blames himself for trying to convince himself he was in love with her. He knows it wasn't fair. In spite of it all, he thinks she's a great girl and wishes her the best. Steph tears up and smiles. They hug.

Marco arrives at the DiMera mansion and tells Stefano that Rafe's on his way to his final destination. Stefano tells him to watch Rafe like a hawk. He leaves and Kate turns up. Upon noticing he's distant, she asks what's going on. He's cryptic but is certain he did the right thing. He opens up about his concerns that he'll alienate Chad. Kate reminds him Lexi knows he's no saint and she's still around, and her own kids hate things she has done but they also know she loves and protects them. Stefano talks about how moved he was to see Chad with EJ at the wedding. He needs to get Chad's loyalty, otherwise he'll become a liability. Kate knows he'll solve it. She tells him it was very boring when they were separated. Stefano says he has to be able to trust her. She means a lot to him. Without her in his life, he felt like a pauper. Kate tears up and tells him she loves him. They kiss, passionately.

Sami shows up to the hospital with RoboRafe and Carly examines him. She worries about an embolism. RoboRafe wakes up and doesn't know Carly. Sami reminds him who she is and he pretends to remember her. Carly goes to check the MRI while Sami explains inviting Dario to move in. Robo suddenly clutches his head and moans. Maxine takes his blood pressure, which is high. She and Sami go off to sign paperwork and he calls EJ, but there's no answer. He calls Stefano and tells him what happened. Stefano's angry but heads over. Outside his room, Carly tells Sami something's not adding up with all of his scans. Stefano arrives as Sami's telling Carly that the guy in the hospital bed isn't Rafe.

At the Horton house, Nathan and Maggie discuss the fellowship. Nathan thinks a change sounds good and Melanie doesn't want him in her life. Maggie's sorry. He deserves to be with somebody who loves him. He wanted that to be Melanie. He says he told his mother and asks if Maggie will be alright. Maggie will miss him. She assures him she has family and friends nearby. He should take this opportunity. They hug and cry and he goes off to pack.

Kate runs into Vivian on the pier. Vivian muses about how Kate made jokes when she was in the sarcophagus and could have died. Kate replies, "But you didn't die. You never do." Kate tells her how well things are with Stefano but Vivian thinks her arrogance is her fatal flaw. Kate says she can't get to her family and she won't hurt Philip, so she should admit that her trip to Salem was a bust. She leaves and Vivian decides to find out Stefano's secret and use it.

Salem Spoilers For The Next Days of our Lives:

Melanie yells at Dario, "I guess she didn't want anyone to know she had an arrogant son of a bitch for a brother!"

"I'm not going to stop until I get Rafe back," Sami tells Carly.

Stefano asks RoboRafe, "What have you done now?"

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