Kate and Stefano discuss how family is everything when Chad shows up at the door. He thanks Kate for sticking her neck out for him and getting him a job. He apologizes for rudely running off on Stefano but again says he’s not sure this job would be a good idea. Stefano leaves and Chad and Kate rehash the first time he turned down Kate’s job offer. He leaves thinking he can go it alone. Kate’s certain he needs her more than he knows. She finds Chad’s birth certificate and apologizes to Madeline but if she didn’t want her secret to come out, she wouldn’t have left Stefano’s name on it. Chad deserves better than the one he had. She packages the birth certificate after donning a pair of gloves and has it sent out anonymously.

Will rifles through Arianna’s purse at the pub but the camera’s not there. Gabi finds Will on the floor with the contents of the purse all over. He lies that the purse fell when he brushed it. He wishes he could tell Gabi everything was going to be alright. Will reassures her that Arianna’s being well taken care of with the University Hospital staff.

Ben explains to Rafe that he could put Arianna off life support but wouldn’t be able to wean her off. Arianna’s lungs are so weak. Too weak for a transplant. She’s going to die. Ben calls this a sudden reversal and tells Rafe to call a priest. Rafe goes into Ari’s room to reminisce with her about a time when Arianna saved a cat’s life. He breaks down crying and asks her to ask God for a miracle. EJ remains outside moping about Ari being the only person to help him figure out who shot him. He asks a nurse for Arianna’s phone in order to contact Ari’s friends to fill them in. The nurse can’t find the purse. Inside Ari’s room, Ben examines Ari while Rafe calls for a priest. Ben’s apologetic and caring. Rafe calls Gabi with the bad news and breaks down again, apologetic to Ari for their recent arguments. Outside the room, Stefano arrives and EJ shares that it’s only a matter of time. EJ says Ari knows who shot him and tells his dad she’s one of the best friends he has ever had. Stefano figures Will might have it.

At the pub, Gabi goes to powder her nose. She doesn’t want her sister to see she’s been crying. This gives Will a chance to leave a message for Sami to call Rafe.

Vivian watches from her sarcophagus as Maggie asks Victor if he was "taking one for the team" by marrying Vivian. Brady interrupts and Vivian is thrilled. She hopes Brady will spill everything. Maggie takes off and Victor says he isn’t having second thoughts about leaving Vivian locked up. The man he has become is much more sensitive, Brady points out. Vivian thinks to herself that when she’s out of there she’ll put Maggie in there. Brady thinks they should let Vivian out. He doesn’t think Victor and Maggie will have much of a future with Vivian locked in there but Victor knows Vivian won’t change. Vivian’s about to throw up with all of this talk about Maggie and vows to get even with her. Brady receives a call from EJ, telling him to get to the hospital quickly. Once Brady has left, Vivian enforces Victor’s worries that Maggie won’t give him the time of day once she finds out. Victor will simply not give her a chance he says but Vivian has other plans. Victor leaves and Vivian finishes two "100 bottles of beer" songs. She’s bored but perks up when Nicole enters the mausoleum.

Will arrives at the hospital with Gabi and Father Matt holds Ari’s hand and asks if she wants to be forgiven for her sins. EJ wants justice for himself and for Arianna who has had a rough time this past year. Brady arrives at the hospital to see Ari and is thrown that EJ wasn’t lying. He’s sorry and asks for a minute with Ari. Rafe leaves and Brady asks what happened to them. He remembers their dreams and his happiness with her. He starts to cry and tells her he still cares for her. Kate walks in and eavesdrops as Brady admits he’s been ignoring her and torturing some woman. Outside, EJ brings up how Ari urgently wanted to tell him something. He asks Rafe for the truth.

Will finds Gabi crying at the pier. He tells her he never meant for this to happen. Gabi blames Will if something happens to Ari.

Salem Spoilers For Tomorrow's Days of our Lives:

"Oh my God it’s you." Kate says as she sees Vivian on the screen in Vivian’s room.

Sami tells Will they’ve got to find a way to make this right.

EJ yells to Rafe, "You’re denying your dying sister her wish."

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