Victor calls Nicole and sends her to Maggie's place to tell a sob story about him so Maggie will reconsider dating him. Nicole goes to Maggie's door and Maggie provides her cake while asking why she's there. Nicole says Victor sent her over because he thinks he’s in love with Maggie. She’s supposed to influence her to love him back! Victor has given up attempting to run everyone’s lives Nicole goes on to say and lies that all he does is mope around the mansion in his robe. It has to do with Isabella considering he’s been spending a lot of time in the mausoleum. Maggie seems to sympathize with that. Nicole leaves and updates Victor by phone that Maggie’s on her way to the mausoleum now. Victor will take it from there and hangs up on her.

In the mausoleum, Vivian daydreams stabbing Maggie in the back. Victor arrives and they argue. Vivian apologizes to Victor for saying Maggie couldn’t love somebody like him. Maggie probably already has. Vivian’s just jealous. Victor tells her he only married her because Bo would have killed her if he didn’t. Vivian understands. Victor doubts it and reminds her if he let her out, she wouldn’t 'go gently into that good night' anyway. Vivian chirps that she doesn’t think he deserves a woman like Maggie and thinks their romance would end if Maggie knew he left her to rot in the sarcophagus. Vivian tries to make a deal. She won’t go to the police if she can return home. It's not like she can go to the police. Victor realizes he can't keep this from Maggie. In she walks, angry that he sent Nicole on a mission to tell her how he was feeling. Maggie says they're friends and he apologizes for sending Nicole over. He’s sorry he did because of her reaction and doesn’t think that this could work. He asks her to leave and never return while Vivian’s jaw drops. Maggie refuses to leave. Victor gets into how he’s glad Isabella’s not around to see some of the things he has done. Maggie’s certain she’d love him in spite of it and takes his hand, warmly. Victor’s impressed that she always knows the right thing to say. Vivian starts to howl after hearing this.

At the hospital, Dr. Ben explains to Rafe that Ari may have issues speaking and may have no memory of the accident. He thinks memory loss may be the best thing for all of them and explains to the doctor he and Ari haven’t been getting along. He thanks the doctor for helping Ari. Inside Ari's room, EJ tells Ari she’s such a loyal friend to him. Her eyes roll in her head a little and he tells her to keep quiet and let him do the talking. He asks if she has proof that Will or Samantha shot him. She has nothing she says, with tears running down her face. Outside Ari’s room, Will concocts a story about a person creeping around the nursery. She goes to check on it while he takes Ari's purse. Gabi shows up and takes it from him, saying she'll keep it for her sister. They decide to take a walk. Back inside her room, Ari’s about to tell him who did it when Rafe interrupts. He kicks EJ out but Ari asks him to stay. Ari codes and the doctor kicks Rafe and EJ out. EJ tells him what Ari was about to admit but Rafe maintains his composure. EJ says if Ari dies in there, Rafe’s to blame. Rafe throws a punch and they start fighting. Lexi and security arrive and pry the men apart. Lexi goes to check on Ari and Ben returns and explains that Arianna has taken a turn for the worse. Her lungs are too weak for a transplant. She’s not going to make it. It’s just a matter of time so Ben suggests he call a priest. EJ’s livid.

Abe and Theo arrive at the park with a pumpkin they got from the pumpkin patch. Abe explains that a carved pumpkin is called a Jack-o-Lantern. Lexi drops by and they discuss Ari's accident. Lexi is emotional. This has made her realize how precious life is. She doesn’t know what she’d do without him and Theo.

Caroline bumps into Kinsey at the pub. Kinsey offers to take Sydney to the pumpkin patch so that Caroline can go see Sami. Caroline warns Kinsey not to let Sydney near EJ DiMera. After they’re gone, Will and Gabi drop by. They find Caroline who tells them she has taken communion and has prayed for Ari. She excuses herself and Gabi breaks down thinking about the person who hit Ari. Will hugs her while staring at the handbag. When Gabi goes to the restroom, he rifles through it but the camera is not there.

Kinsey and Sydney come upon Nicole in the woods. Nicole's thrilled to see Syd and asks if she remembers her. Sydney’s shy but has a big smile for Nicole, who is in awe just being in her presence. Kinsey notices that Sydney looks as though she misses her. Nicole is surprised but Kinsey says Caroline has the kids most of the time since Sami’s too fragile to take care of them herself. She’s positive Sydney misses her and tells Sydney that she’ll take her for a walk in the woods tomorrow, hinting that Nicole should meet them. After they leave, Nicole tells herself to stop pining over Sydney but she can’t help herself. She tells herself to keep truckin’ and starts to cry.

Salem Spoilers For Tomorrow's Days of our Lives:

"She's going to find out. I'll make sure of that," Viv vows.

Rafe talks to his sister. "Any news? Yeah and it’s not good."

"She knew something and I’ve got to find out what that is," EJ says to Stefano.

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