In the abandoned church, Max and Mimi awake. They share a kiss and then Max finds a way out! He grabs an axe and prepares to let them out of their prison. They try to break out through the roof, and hear footsteps. They start calling for help and upstairs a street urchin agrees to open the hatch to let them out - in exchange for money. They pool their cash together and offer to give him half now and half when he lets them out. He doesn't keep their deal and takes half the money and leaves. "Merry Christmas losers, I'll say a prayer for you while eating steaks," he says with a laugh. He places a rug over the trap door and leaves. Max throws a fit, throwing the axe at a wall. He stops when he realizes they may have another way out!

At Java Caf, Shawn and Belle dine and discuss how this year is a better Christmas than they expected. Shawn hopes they all get what they want for Christmas. Belle can't help but worry about Max and Mimi, and Shawn tells her he's ready to make peace with them both! He wants to ask for his job back. Belle asks Shawn what they can do with the dirty money that EJ paid him. A lady ('Beverly Healy'), shows up to their table who tells them they're a handsome family. Belle tells her they're not together. She opens up about how her son is in the service and that his family has moved to Germany. She misses them. They feel for her and she goes on to ask what they do for a living. Shawn explains that he's in between jobs right now but that he works on performance cars and Belle is a stay at home Mom. The lady comments that a stay at home mom is inspiring and then thinks she has taken enough of their time, so wishes them a Merry Christmas and leaves. After she leaves, they talk about how they feel sad for the woman, and they agree to use EJ's money.

Hope and Kayla decorate the Christmas tree at the Brady Pub. Kayla is glad that her parents are getting some rest, even faced with concern for Max and Mimi. Patrick arrives and takes Hope outdoors to talk, while Steve comes in to tell Kayla he has a surprise for her for Christmas - two tickets to see Clay Aiken, at Christmas! She's thrilled but says they can't go because they're needed at University Hospital, reading the Christmas story to the kids and giving them gifts. Its tradition and Alice Horton wants Steve to read the Christmas story this year. He tries to refuse but Kayla tells him that nobody has ever refused this tradition, making it difficult for him to say no. He of course agrees to it, as long as she agrees to catch that concert - right after! They 'hug' on it! Steve then reassures Kayla he has written Billie the letter of apology. Kayla is sure that it will give Billie closure.

In Salem PD, John and Marlena report to Abe and Roman about their trip to Italy and their findings! They're in awe that EJ is Elvis Junior, Susan Banks and Stefano's son. Bo arrives, much to Abe's annoyance. He explains he may need him, as John steps down from the investigation. Bo asks that Abe trust him. Abe agrees to this and gives him his gun and badge back with one condition. If he screws up, he'll have his head! Marlena and John leave Abe's office and Marlena thanks him for letting go of the investigation. She feels for him, and knows that it's killing him to let it go.

Lucas and Sami arrive home. They argue about whether or not she should call the police on EJ. Sami is afraid of EJ, and says he's violent. She's afraid that he, Will and her family will be targeted if she goes to the police about his part in the DiMera organization. He pleads with her to show the Sami that he sees. They go to the Salem PD.

At Salem PD, they run into John and Marlena. Sami explains why she is there, and they all go inside Abe's office to share Sami's findings. Abe promises to protect Sami, by posting a security guard outside her apartment. John tosses down the death card to Abe for all to see. "EJ has murder on his mind," he warns them. Lucas, Marlena and Sami go out into the outer office while John, Bo, Roman and Abe discuss what their next move is. John suggests that they bluff EJ - force his hand by finding someone that EJ trusts to take a message to him that they've found new forensics evidence against him. Kate is out of town, so they all look to Sami. Roman isn't so sure about this but agrees to it.

Lucas leaves to write some emails for work while Marlena and Sami talk about the bruise on her hand. Sami sees her ring, and Marlena admits that she and John are now married. Sami tells her, "You deserve to be happy more than anyone I've ever met. I'm incredibly sorry for the childish obsession of wanting you and Dad to be together." She admits that she couldn't get what happened in that conference room out of her mind .They both start to cry and Marlena tells her that John loves her and will always think of her as his daughter, and always love her. Sami doesn't hate John and promises do him proud from now on. Marlena is so proud of her daughter and hugs her. The men come out of Abe's office and ask Sami to help them set EJ up. Sami and Marlena are in shock but Sami agrees to do it. Lucas comes up behind her and says "Like hell you will!"

Next On Days of our Lives:

Mimi begs Max to put the gun down!

Abby tells Stephanie and Chelsea that she's going to keep looking for Max, and Marlena helps Abe up, as he falls to the floor.

At Dune, EJ asks Sami, "If you are so concerned about your son, then why did you leave him at home, alone? She tells him she went to see the police!