At the mansion, Brady wonders why Nicole was pumping Victor for information. Victor doesn’t care, as long as Brady’s not having second thoughts about her. Brady is shaken once he realizes he has lost his earpiece and takes off, pretending he has an important call. Victor doesn’t buy it.

Nicole listens to Vivian calling for help and realizes who it is. Nicole asks where she is and learns she’s inside the sarcophagus. How did she get in there? Vivian addresses Nicole as Noreen, and Nannette and finally Nadine until Nicole finally corrects her. Nicole thinks she’s losing it and hearing voices and heads to the door. Vivian yells for her to stay, so Nicole tries to open the sarcophagus but Brady arrives and demands Nicole hand over the earpiece. Vivian moans as Brady chastises Nicole for trying to open his mother’s sarcophagus. Nicole tells him Vivian’s in there – alive and realizes he put her in there. Brady doesn’t admit to it so Nicole surmises that Victor is behind this. Victor arrives. He followed Brady, considering he hasn’t been acting himself. He asks Nicole if she’s sober yet and still asking questions about monkeys. Nicole says unfortunately she’s sober and technically, orangutans aren’t monkeys. Nicole comes to realize Victor has no idea Vivian’s incarcerated. Brady lies that his important call was from Nicole. Victor’s angry and stomps off, saying they deserve each other.

Will finds Kate in the DiMera mansion and is floored when he learns EJ’s awake. He wishes he would have died. Kate yells never to say things like that. People could get the wrong idea. Will hopes nobody finds out about that phone call Kate made to Sami.

Rafe takes Sami, Johnny and Allie to what looks like Isabella’s old loft apartment. Their new home. Allie notices that Sydney has her own room and Sami gets misty-eyed. Rafe shows the kids their room and bunk beds and returns to Sami, who is crying. She loves the loft and him but worries about what happens with EJ if he finds out. Rafe thinks EJ will make a recovery and figure out they’re together on his own. Rafe finds their new digs similar to the safe house.

Will arrives as Rafe's with the kids. They discuss what Sami did to EJ and Rafe overhears. He wonders what she did. Rafe asks if Will’s alright with him moving in with his mother. Will’s thrilled and the two men hug while Sami barks out a big laugh and goes to check on the kids. Rafe and Will discuss EJ waking up. Will is worried about Sami but Rafe promises EJ will never touch her again. Sami and Rafe get cozy on the sofa as Will goes to see the kids in their room. He comes out, surprised he has his own room. He takes the kids for ice cream and Sami admits she worries about living in sin with Rafe. Rafe says he was inspired by Daniel wanting to marry Chloe as soon as possible and thinks he and Sami should do the same.

EJ explains to Stefano he remembers everything that happened that night. He wants justice but needs to be careful about how he gets it. He won’t allow Samantha to walk out of his life with his kids. Stefano asks who shot EJ. EJ doesn’t say but talks about how he tried to be the best father and gets excitable. His monitor starts beeping and he clutches at his head. Stefano tries to calm him and then runs to get Lexi. He finds Nathan instead and Nathan reminds Stefano EJ can’t be upset. Stefano wants to talk to a real doctor but Nathan is one and says Stefano’s welcomed to contact a specialist. Nathan checks on EJ and starts asking questions of EJ to learn how much of his memory he has lost but EJ refuses to answer and screams until Nathan leaves.

Kate arrives and Stefano tells her that EJ remembers everything but swears her to secrecy. Nathan comes out and tells them one at a time can visit EJ. Kate leaves and Stefano visits his son. EJ refuses to let anyone have power over him again. He’s done with Sami, now that she has chosen Hernandez. Stefano’s overjoyed and claps his hands with glee. EJ then drops a bomb, admitting he knows who shot him.

Salem Spoilers For Tomorrow's Days of our Lives:

Sami tells Roman, "He doesn’t remember anything."

EJ grabs his father and says, "I have so much to tell you."

Nicole slaps Brady across the face. "You SOB!"

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