Keith, the pet cemetery director makes arrangements with Brady to move Sparkles (Isabella). Nicole watches and once Brady leaves, Nicole pounces on Keith and nudges him for information about Brady and why he’s moving an orangutan. Keith calls Brady a creep and then recognizes Nicole as a TV reporter. Nicole denies that’s her.

Vivian watches from the sarcophagus as Victor tells the crypt that he hopes Isabella is at peace. He leaves, leaving Vivian morose. Brady shows up and she tells him the fumes are getting to her. Victor will have Brady’s head if he finds out what he’s up to. Brady busts out laughing. Victor’s thrilled she’s gone and Vivian must be getting delusional. Vivian’s sure his half-baked scheme is going to go up in flames. They go for each other’s throats and Vivian drums up some tears.

Lexi calls from the hospital and lets Stefano and know Kate EJ’s awake. Stefano and Kate kiss a few times and Stefano rushes off while Kate waits behind, ruminates over her secret getting out.

Sami dumps Johnny off on Maxine, who is on a break. She then tells Rafe about Johnny blurting out that they’re living together in front of EJ. Lexi overhears and goes ballistic and urges Sami to fix the mistake. Just for now, EJ must believe they’re married until he’s recovered enough to handle the truth. Rafe hopes it doesn’t take long and doesn’t see how it’s fair to them to go through this ridiculous idiotic charade. Lexi gasps for air and shows them that another doctor has agreed that if EJ’s blood pressure increases, it could cause a brain hemorrhage. She apologizes to Rafe who is very understanding and goes to see EJ. He wonders why she’s living with Rafe. Sami covers, saying they’re spending time at the pub and Johnny’s confused. EJ goes nuts and his monitor does the same. He starts breathing heavily and asking why she moved out of the mansion. Sami tries to calm him down. Once he’s better, she’ll move back in. EJ’s monitor settles right down and he’s happy she’s by his side. He professes his love for her and pulls her into a kiss. They make out while Rafe walks in.

Chad goes to Lexi, sorry for what she’s going through. If he had siblings he couldn’t imagine what it would be like to watch them fight for their life. He leaves and then returns with croissants for Lexi that he forgot from Java Cafe. Stefano’s there and as Chad attempts to discuss EJ, Stefano excludes him, saying that this is family business. Lexi explains what’s going on with Sami and EJ.

Inside EJ’s room, he gets bent out of shape after seeing Rafe looking decidedly upset and asks what’s going on between the two. Sami reassures him once again that all is well. Stefano rushes in, happy to see his son. Again, EJ professes his love to Sami. She murmurs, "I love you too," and takes off with Rafe behind her. Once outside, she is a mess, wondering how she’ll keep this up. Inside EJ’s room, Stefano cringes as EJ goes on about how Samantha is his savior, the one who has kept him going. Stefano can’t take it and wants to tell him the truth. EJ shares that he remembers everything!

Outside in the lounge, Sami cries in Rafe’s arms after recounting EJ’s misdeeds this past year with hiding Sydney from her. She puts Rafe’s ring back on and tells him this is the life she wants. They make out.

Nicole’s fixing herself a drink at the Kiriakis mansion while she waits for Brady. Victor finds her and asks her to leave. She makes jokes about Vivian leaving him and asks if he has had any pets around the house such as an orangutan – perhaps one that Brady was fond of? Victor exhales sharply, annoyed. Yes, they’ve many pets in the mansion including wombats, he snarls. Nicole’s confused. Victor takes off and Henderson arrives to suggest Nicole check the mausoleum for Brady.

Chad arrives at the DiMera mansion at Kate's invitation. She offers him the part time job at DiMera Industries. Chad’s concerned that Stefano won’t like it but Kate calls him professional, driven and charismatic. She’d like to see more of him. Chad is flattered but doesn’t think so. Chad thinks she’s coming on to him. Kate laughs and apologizes. She’s not making a pass. She’s happily married but thinks he’s a great guy and she’d like to be there for him. She’s sure Stefano will want to as well once he gets to know him. Chad agrees to consider her offer.

Nicole arrives outside the mausoleum and overhears Brady yelling at Vivian, telling her she brought all of this on herself. He leaves and Nicole goes inside, wondering who he was talking to. She finds his earpiece and puts it on. She overhears Vivian moaning for help.

Rafe and Sami go to the pub where Caroline feeds them some Chinese food she raves about. She says the kids have eaten and goes off to heat up the product placement while Sami tries to pull herself together. Rafe has plans to lift her mood.

Brady arrives home and Victor meets him, glad Nicole has left.

Salem Spoilers For Tomorrow's Days of our Lives:

Vivian moans, "Please save me! Oh! Please!"

Sami asks Rafe what EJ will say when he finds out.

EJ tells Stefano, "If Samantha thinks she can walk out of my life with my kid she's got another thing coming!"

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