Sami hands her ring to Rafe before visiting EJ in his hospital room. Rafe smirks in disbelief. Once inside, Sami flashes to shooting EJ. He tells her he’s happy to see her. Sami’s skeptical but EJ professes his love. As soon as he can travel, he’d like to go on a honeymoon. He has drawn a blank about what happened after the wedding and grabs Sami’s arm and demands she tell him what happened and who put him in the hospital. Outside in the waiting room, Lexi cries happily as she learns EJ’s going to have a full recovery. Sami tells Lexi that EJ has become unhinged and Lexi gives him a mild sedative. He starts pulling out his wires and annoyed, Sami returns to EJ’s side as Lexi suggests. EJ apologizes for earlier. He asks where her ring is. Did he do something wrong? Sami assures him he didn’t. She took them off while giving Sydney a bath. Later, Lexi asks Sami to please humor them a few days until EJ’s feeling well enough to hear the truth. Sami asks Rafe to help her with this and they start making out. Later, Sami holds Sydney and Johnny and Lexi hands over her ring that Mary found on the floor. Sami goes back to see EJ.

A crying Stephanie finds Nathan on the pier. She screwed up everything, she sobs and flashes to telling Kayla about the switched paternity test results. She says her mom’s disappointed in her and she takes off home.

At Stephanie’s place, Kayla flashes to Stephanie telling her the sordid switched test results story. She asks Daniel to discuss Chloe. Daniel immediately feels guilty about not emailing her to tell her about the baby. Talk turns to Melanie and Carly and how Daniel learned of his daughter. Kayla accuses Carly of breaking up Bo and Hope. Daniel says the important thing is that he loves being a dad and is glad he found Melanie. Kayla’s happy for him. They share a few laughs and he invites her to the wedding before leaving.

Across the hall, Carly pointedly asks if Chloe had sex with Nathan. Chloe shows Carly a permit, saying she can marry Daniel in the park. If the man she cheated with was important, she wouldn’t be able to move on. She needs help with moving forward instead of constantly looking back at her wrongdoings.

After looking at six houses, Melanie and Philip arrive at Maggie’s, exhausted. Philip assures his wife they’ll find the perfect house but Melanie comments that nothing’s perfect. They make out and head to bed. After sex, they receive a message from their Realtor. There’s a house two blocks away for sale. Melanie’s smitten once she sees a photo.

Melanie sees Nathan at the pub. She flashes to hearing him sleep talk that he loves her and tells him about the new house. He’s happy for her but their conversation seems uncomfortable. Carly turns up behind them and once Nathan leaves, Melanie tells her mother about Nathan’s sleep-talking. Carly asks how Melanie feels about that. She loves Philip and they’re building a life together. They’ve got a house. She thinks Nathan needs to move on. Carly agrees. Nathan’s got issues.

On the pier, Philip’s on the phone putting in an offer for the house he and Melanie looked at earlier. He doesn’t care to see more of it than the outside and offers the asking price. Chloe finds him and is happy for him. She’d like a house after the baby is born and says her permit came through. The wedding in the park is a go. She assures Philip that Carly asked if Nathan was the guy she cheated with. She didn’t deny or confirm so he’s safe.

Rafe sees Daniel in the lounge at the hospital. He doesn’t seem happy that Daniel or Lexi saved EJ. Daniel reminds Rafe that it’s their job to save lives. Nearby, in EJ’s room, Johnny visits with his dad. EJ says he got a boo-boo but he’ll be home soon and they can all be a family. EJ asks if Johnny’s lonely in that big house without him and Johnny tells EJ it’s not. They live with mommy and Rafe now!

Salem Spoilers For Tomorrow's Days of our Lives:

"Your scheme is going to go up in flames," Vivian tells Brady.

Lexi tells Sami she has to convince EJ that everything is okay between them.

Stefano says to his son, "You must learn the truth."

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