At the pier, Sami happily tells Rafe that Stefano doesn’t suspect Will of being EJ’s shooter. Rafe’s not relieved. He worries that Will’s lack of alibi will make him a prime suspect unless somebody else takes his place.

From outside the pub, Carly leaves a message for Chloe to ensure she has Nicole under control. Nathan interrupts and they discuss the party. Daniel stops by and overhears Nathan say Chloe’s not good enough for Daniel. Carly goes off and Nathan apologizes. Daniel wants to know what Nathan has against Chloe. Nathan starts to say he doesn’t like what Chloe did and then shuts up. Daniel assumes he doesn’t like that Daniel and Chloe had an affair while she was married to Lucas. Nathan uses that for a cover.

At Chloe’s Nicole whimpers about ruining her friendship with Chloe and asks for forgiveness but Chloe’s not sure she can do that. They discuss Brady and Chloe confesses Nicole’s not good enough for him and she can’t be trusted anymore. Nicole’s apologetic and Chloe muses this is why she’s alone. It’s nobody’s fault but her own. "What are you saying? Nobody loves me? That’s a lie," Nicole says, with tears streaming down her face. Chloe reminds her that she pushes her family away and she has no friends. Nicole dashes off to visit Pookie’s grave. The dog died of a broken heart while Nicole was in prison.

Brady wakes Vivian up in the mausoleum to taunt her. She thinks she’s invincible and threatens to turn the tables on him. Vivian complains about the gruel he’s feeding her and whines about breathing in the toxic fumes. He threatens to kill her now and she challenges him but instead he leaves to get his mother back from the pet cemetery.

EJ wakes up in bed at the hospital with Ari at his side. Lexi arrives and EJ asks for his wife, Samanther. Lexi furrows her brow.

Sami acts like she’s about to tell the truth when Rafe gets a call from Lexi, and they leave the pier to see EJ.

Back at the hospital, EJ goes into shock and Lexi tries to calm him. Rafe and Sami show up and Lexi and Ari fill them in on EJ’s state. Rafe goes in to straighten things out with EJ, who he thinks is faking amnesia, but Lexi stops him. She takes him out of the room and explains upsetting EJ could cause a dangerous rise in his blood pressure. She wants Sami to visit so a reluctant Sami takes off her engagement ring, kisses Rafe and goes to EJ.

Nicole cries over Pookie’s gravesite. She cries that she has lost everyone and asks why Pookie had to leave her. She flashes to a time when Pookie was alive and bumps into Keith Thompson, the quirky director who tries to comfort her. She finds him strange and runs off to be alone.

Carly shows up at Chloe’s place and Chloe assures Carly that Nicole won’t blurt out anything more. The two are thankful they’ve become friends, but Chloe is curious about who interrupted her while she was leaving her the message earlier. Carly says it was Nathan and can tell neither of them likes the other. She asks if Nathan was the man Chloe had sex with.

Brady finds himself at the pet cemetery and asks Keith the director to dig up Sparkles the Orangutan, which is actually Isabella’s remains. The director would prefer not to but an annoyed Brady demands he do it tonight. Nicole listens from a nearby tree.

Stephanie is in tears when she finds Nathan on the pier. They both admit they messed up dearly.

Next On Days of our Lives:

Kayla tells Daniel, "I need to talk to you about Chloe."

"Who that man was is important," Carly tells Chloe.

Sami tells Rafe, "I'm not going in there and pretending that I am married to EJ!"

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