Sami walks into the park and thinks about throwing the gun into the water. Will appears and tells her he overheard Lexi telling Abe that EJ said her name, but he's still in a coma. They bicker about whether or not EJ knows that she shot him. Rafe appears and asks, "What did you say?" Sami explains, and Will leaves. Rafe says Sami seems scared of what EJ might say if he wakes up. Sami presses Rafe to believe that Will didn't shoot EJ. Rafe thinks Will would do anything to protect his siblings. He promises to look after Will no matter what, but they have to level with him. Sami says he knows everything. Rafe wants to know who else had access to the gun. Sami says she did! Rafe reminds her she was in bed with him at the time. Rafe gets called away. Sami talks to herself, saying she has to tell Rafe the truth.

Nicole arrives at Chloe's house, where Melanie warns her not to ruin the party. Nicole is about to call her a name when Carly intervenes. Chloe appears and says she needs to go. Angry, Nicole brings up what she did to Daniel. Melanie says she's not leaving until she explains. Nicole claims she's just drunk. Melanie asks Chloe to tell her. Carly says they should drop this, and Nicole tells Melanie to lay off of Chloe. The shower continues. Carly tells Nicole to be careful. Melanie wonders why Carly is being nice to Nicole - she still feels something happened, and that maybe Carly knows about it. They open gifts and play games, and Nicole looks increasingly down. Carly notes it must be hard for her. The party breaks up, and Carly and Chloe whisper about Nicole being a loose cannon. Chloe sees Carly and Melanie off at the door.

Daniel treats Ian in the hospital. When he leaves the room, the guy says to himself, "You seem like a nice guy. Too bad your girlfriend is having some other dude's baby."

In the cafe, Stephanie tells Kayla that she and Nathan are happy and Ian isn't an issue. Just then, Ian calls and tells her she'll want to hear what he found out. Stephanie makes an excuse and leaves. Kayla thinks she's lying.

Stefano coaxes EJ to live, in his hospital room. He vows to find out who shot him, saying if it was Samantha she'll be out of their lives forever. He says he believes Will didn't do it, musing how awful it would be to have to eliminate Kate's grandson. Stefano tells EJ they should pin it on Sami so they can raise the kids. EJ's monitor beeps. Daniel comes in, but says there is no change.

Will comes into the DiMera Mansion and greets Kate. She tells him Stefano knows he didn't do anything to EJ. Will asks if he knows who did. Kate says the police don't know, and neither does Stefano. Will wonders if it came up that EJ spoke to Sami that night. Kate asks what he knows. He says he's just worried about his mom, since she's Stefano's favorite target. Stefano appears in the doorway. Will says he's getting his stuff and leaving. Kate asks Stefano about the hospital. He says they were talking about Samantha being the shooter when EJ reacted. Stefano thinks back to EJ saying he's taking the children and leaving. He muses, "It couldn't be." Stefano goes to call a specialist and Kate recalls telling Sami that EJ was about to leave with the children that night. Kate calls Sami to let her know Will's off the hook. She hangs up when Stefano returns, and tells him she has to tell him something about Sami. Kate says she thinks she shot EJ when she found out he took Sydney, and hooked up with Rafe for an alibi. Stefano says she'll pay.

Chloe, still at home, speaks to Daniel on the phone and tells him to take his time, she's tired. Nicole emerges from the bedroom and invites Chloe to yell at her. Chloe declines. Nicole muses, "That bad, huh?" Chloe says it's hard to stay mad at her, but today she threatened her baby's security - she'll miss her now that they're not friends anymore. Nicole says she'll go, but warns Chloe not to trust Carly Manning.

Arianna visits EJ and tells him about Nicole's antics at the shower. Ari wonders how he married her. She holds his hand. He squeezes her hand and says, "Where's Samantha?"

Rafe returns to Sami in the park and she tells him she has good news! She smiles, saying it's all going to be okay!

Stephanie meets Ian at her place. He tells her Daniel doesn't have a clue he's not the father of the baby - he's not the one who switched the test results.

In the park by herself, Carly says, "They can never find out what I've done."

Next on Days of our Lives:

Daniel asks Nathan what he has against Chloe.

Kayla tells Stephanie to come clean with her!

Rafe tells Sami he thinks that Will is going to become a prime suspect.

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