Brady visits Vivian, and is caught in the mausoleum by Melanie, who wonders how he’s doing. He’s not doing well, he admits and they’re interrupted by Carly. Vivian listens in feeling as though she’ll hurl. Brady thinks Carly and Mel are lucky to have each other. Carly tells them about the email she received from Vivian today, telling her that while she’s still out to get her, she has left Salem. Brady thinks they can forget about her and Vivian starts to scream from inside the sarcophagus.

Daniel’s glad he has to work while Chloe decorates for her shower. She moans that she had to invite Nicole, but knows that it won’t bode well with the other guests. Daniel makes light of it and kisses her as Nicole walks in and tells them the guards are being cancelled outside now that she’s no longer a suspect. She’s moving back to her room. Daniel takes off and Nicole wonders what comes next for her. Chloe goes on about her famous insecurity as Nicole groans about Brady dumping her like nuclear waste. Nicole offers to get pop while Chloe lies down.

Arianna visits EJ. She rubs his arm as she tells him the police department has no idea who shot him. She isn’t surprised considering one of their own was doing all that mugging. She’s thankful for his support and won’t stop until she finds his shooter. She massages the other arm and goes. Will talks to EJ, wondering what it’ll mean to his mother when EJ wakes up. Will urges EJ to stop fighting. It’d be best if EJ died.

Kate pours Stefano a drink at the mansion and he shares that he doesn’t believe Will shot EJ. Kate’s glad he finally came to his senses and downs a liqueur. Stefano wonders if Will was the shooter, what would Kate have done if Stefano took care of the issue? Kate would have done anything to protect him. Stefano doesn’t expect less and Kate reminds him they’re together because they’re alike. She sees him as a man with great strength and passion. Stefano brings up the evidence that can send her to prison but Kate claims she barely thinks of that. Neither does he, he says, and doesn’t want their partnership to end or for her to suffer. She feels the same, and they kiss. Stefano tells Kate how his henchmen investigated and his, EJ’s and Kate’s fingerprints were on the desk, in addition to Sami’s.

Daniel pays a visit to his patient, Ian Burnett. He has broken his arm. As Daniel examines him, Ian flashes to discussions about him with Stephanie and tells the doctor that he heard about him from Stephanie Johnson. Daniel calls her a great girl. Ian knows but she’s taken. He’ll always be there for Stephanie no matter who is in her life, he says, staring off. Daniel leaves his cell phone on a desk while he gets his prescription pad and Ian thinks about Stephanie asking if Daniel switched the tests. Nathan arrives and shows his jealous side then leaves as Daniel returns. They discuss Nathan’s attitude and Daniel suggests Ian stay away from Steph.

Melanie arrives at Chloe’s with a massive cake. Nicole lets her in and the two start arguing. Nicole slams the door and leaves while Melanie thinks to herself that Chloe needs a new best friend. Maggie, Ari, Carly and Maxine arrive and when Ari hears Nicole’s expected, she wants to leave. Chloe’s the only one who can stand Nicole. Chloe says Nicole’s trying and asks if they could try to welcome her. Maxine tells a rather illuminating and scary birth story as Maggie makes the slash across the neck motion, hoping not to put the fear into Chloe.

On the phone, Nicole yells at somebody for not getting the engraving finished on her gift for Chloe. She spots Brady, moves to his table and asks him not to leave. She misses him and explains why she did terrible things. She’s asking for understanding, not a second chance. She asks if he has ever done something crazy because he couldn’t stand the way it was and he flashes to locking Vivian up. He confesses he has but can’t trust her anyway. He leaves the Cheatin’ Heart. Nicole keeps ordering drinks.

As Mel’s telling a story, Nicole arrives at the party drunk and miffed that things are underway. She starts bashing the ladies and when Chloe kicks her out, Nicole says fine. They won’t talk about what she did to Daniel!

Brady visits Vivian and boasts that he hasn’t had a drink today. Locking her up is good therapy!

Next on Days of our Lives:

Kate tells Will, "If you know something you have to tell me. You have to!"

Sami yells at Rafe, "Tell me you believe me. Will didn't do it."

"Daniel deserves to know the truth,” says Melanie.

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