At the Brady Pub, the prison warden reassures Bo that Hope is fine, but she's worried that Hope's refusing security. Bo requests that Hope is put in isolation. The warden promises to do everything she can without giving Hope special treatment.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano gives his goon orders to find EJ's shooter. Kate overhears and hopes it's not Will. Kate asks Stefano if his goon knows that he suspects Will. Stefano says he does, so they should pray Will's not guilty.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady orders that an employee at Titan be fired. Victor overhears and tells Brady he did good. Maggie arrives and shows Victor the earring she found at the mausoleum. Maggie thinks it's odd that Vivian lost her earring there and disappeared without it. She suggests he send her the earring. Victor isn't sure where she is yet, but he'll be sure to send her everything. Victor asks to talk about the real reason Vivian left. He shows her Vivian's email. Victor recalls his wedding day when Maggie offered him a ride to the airport and wonders if that offer still stands. He reminds her that Mickey wouldn't want her to spend the rest of her life alone. Maggie says her instincts tell her it's best they stay friends, but Victor promises to prove she's wrong. Maggie insists they agree to disagree and they shake on their friendship. Maggie leaves, convincing herself that she did the right thing, as Victor whispers that they're friends for now.

At Maggie's, Philip leaves Kate a message saying he needs to tell her about Vivian.

Kate meets Philip at the pier. He tells her about Vivian leaving town but Kate doesn't seem thrilled. Kate reminds him about the EJ situation. She's worried she can't handle Stefano. Philip asks if Stefano thinks someone in their family shot EJ, but Kate's not sure. She recalls her conversation with Will. Philip swears Victor had nothing to do with it. Kate thanks him for reassuring her.

Carly arrives at the mausoleum and recalls memories with Isabella. Meanwhile, Brady turns on the video system in Vivian's room. Vivian warns that Carly will save her because she won't believe Vivian's gone until she hears it from her own mouth. Bo arrives and Carly tells him she's worried that Vivian is still out there, waiting to strike. Carly gets a text from Vivian threatening to be back. Bo thinks Vivian is admitting defeat. They hug and leave as Vivian tells Brady he'll pay for what he's doing. Brady turns the video off as Philip walks in and wonders if Vivian's really gone. Brady thinks so. Philip hopes he's right and leaves. Brady goes back to Vivian and says he sent Carly the message from her phone, so everyone will believe she's gone. Brady shuts the camera off and says his good deed will go unpunished.

Rafe meets with Will outside the pub and asks if he's okay. Will would rather not talk about it. Rafe says Johnny keeps asking for EJ. Will doesn't think Sami will tell Johnny the truth and Rafe asks why. Will tells him to stop questioning everything he says. Will sighs that he wants everything over with. Rafe asks if that means he wants EJ to die. Will says EJ will get away with everything. Rafe says if EJ dies, the shooter will be locked up for a long time. Arianna arrives and says whoever shot EJ will have to deal with Stefano, which is worse. Rafe scolds Arianna for interrupting as Will takes off. Rafe says he and Arianna need to work some things out. Arianna reminds him that EJ came to her defense, but Rafe insists that EJ was using her and conning her the same way he was conning Sami. Rafe reminds her that EJ kidnapped Sydney, but Arianna reminds him Sami's also done bad things. Rafe says Arianna always had a soft spot for the bad guys. Arianna says EJ never let her down, so she won't let him down either. She tells Rafe to get used to that and walks off.

Lexi wonders what EJ was trying to tell her when he called out Sami's name. Abe arrives and Lexi tells him about EJ calling Sami's name. She's not sure what this means about his brain activity. Abe reminds Lexi that Sami was EJ's focus for the past few months, so it's a good sign that EJ knows who he is. Stefano arrives and Lexi tells him that EJ's brain activity has slightly increased. Stefano asks to be alone with EJ and tells him that he'll make whoever did this pay. Stefano wonders if Will did it, and promises revenge if he's proven right. Outside EJ's room, Stefano's goon shows up and asks for him. Abe and Lexi watch as Stefano and the man hurriedly walk away. The man hands Stefano what he's been looking for. Will overhears as Abe tells Lexi it's good that she told Stefano about EJ saying Sami's name. Back in EJ's room, Lexi wonders what Stefano will do to the person who shot EJ.

Back at the mansion, Kate says she's going to have to stop Stefano to protect Will. She imagines slipping something in Stefano's drink and wonders if she'll really need to do that to her husband. Stefano arrives with news about Will, but Kate asks him to share a drink first.

At the pub, Rafe calls in a request for time off.

At the lake, Will wonders what else EJ will say.

Next on Days of Our Lives:

Maggie tells Chloe, Melanie, and Carly, "There is just too much happiness in Salem these days."

Vivian cries, "No!"

Brady tells Nicole, "I don't think I can trust you."

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