The warden pays a visit to Hope in her cell and encourages her to tell Bo about the attack considering she’s a cop and cops don’t do well in the pokey. Hope doesn’t want to drag Bo into her issues. Tina returns from laundry duty and another inmate comes by to offer Hope a book. Hope takes it and is grabbed around the neck while Tina beats the snot out of Hope because her bail was revoked.

Carly finds Bo at the pub. He shares news that Vivian has left town. Carly doesn’t believe it for one second.

Back at the mausoleum, Justin questions how Vivian wouldn’t wait until after the memorial to leave town. From inside the sarcophagus, Vivian whines that it wasn’t her choice. Victor talks Maggie into going for a drink but Maggie doesn’t want to celebrate Vivian leaving town. He talks her into it and Justin follows, leaving Brady alone. He dons the headset and snidely reminds Vivian that the one person who didn’t want to celebrate her leaving town was the person she wanted to lock up. Vivian heard and taunts Brady, asking him what’ll happen to him emotionally if she dies in there. Brady tells her this will be their final goodbye, prompting Vivian to apologize for everything. She’ll even give up Victor. Brady snarls that Victor’s probably putting the moves on Maggie now. He takes off.

At the beach, Will says nobody can prove he shot EJ. Rafe retorts that Stefano will not wait for proof. He’ll assume Will is guilty, and explains that after Sydney’s kidnapping, he has changed. He’s not so predictable. He has realized life is not so black and white anymore.

At the mansion, Sami assures Stefano that Will didn’t shoot EJ. He wonders how she can be certain. She flashes to shooting EJ and tells Stefano to take her word for it. He scoffs. Kate tells Stefano Will could never shoot anybody but Stefano rants that Will had opportunity, motive and means.

In the hospital, EJ shakes in his bed and calls to Samantha. Lexi hears his monitors beeping and goes to him, telling him to open his eyes. She rushes to call the family while a nurse tries to rouse EJ. Lexi calls Stefano with news of a change in EJ’s condition, so Stefano rushes off to the hospital with Sami and Kate at his heels. Sami calls Rafe and asks him to meet her there so Rafe and Will run off.

Victor, Justin and Maggie drink to Isabella at the mansion and Victor asks Justin to draw up divorce papers immediately. Justin thinks they should wait and call her friends to ensure she’s really gone. Victor calls Vivian a snake without friends. He asks, "How many friends do you think a snake could list on Facebook?" Victor brings Maggie to Vivian’s room and shows her that Vivian’s personal belongings are gone. Vivian watches from the crypt, and frets, calling Maggie offensive names.

Back at the pub, Bo and Carly discuss Vivian’s disappearing act at length and Bo calls Brady, to enlighten him on their skepticism. He asks Brady to get Victor to investigate and call him back. After Brady hangs up, he glumly says this isn’t want he needed. Ciara arrives and overhears Carly say that Vivian’s gone. She’s happy to hear because Vivian’s scary. Carly starts to laugh in agreement, prompting Ciara to give Carly a picture she drew. Ciara leaves and Bo thinks Ciara needs a woman in her life. He brings up how Hope hasn’t responded to Ciara’s letters. He receives a call from Warden Smith about Hope’s second attack. Bo shakes with anger as he tells Carly that Hope’s in the hospital. He has to see her.

In EJ’s room, Lexi fills Stefano, Kate and Sami in about EJ’s state. EJ shakes and shivers as Stefano begs him to reveal who shot him. Lexi ushers everyone out and Will and Rafe show up. They’re given an update and Stefano says whoever has done this should be worried. Stefano hopes Rafe’s investigating EJ’s shooting but Rafe says unfortunately it’s not an FBI matter. Stefano refuses to go to the Salem Police Department, calling them impartial. He doesn’t think Rafe would not bend the rules if he knew who shot his son. Rafe admits it depends.

Back inside EJ’s room, EJ calls Sami’s name as Lexi urges him to say more.

Sami and Will move to another lounge and Sami urges Will to move in with Roman. If she needs to, she’ll confess. Will agrees. They should tell Rafe the truth since he’ll stick up for them no matter what. Sami knows but they can’t allow Rafe to lie for them. It’s bad enough that Will’s involved. Rafe would only be an accomplice after the fact, thus ruining his career. Rafe saunters in and they stop talking.

Brady returns to the mausoleum and Vivian starts working on him. Maggie pokes her head in, asking who he’s talking with and Brady lies that he was saying a last goodbye to Isabella. He leaves Maggie behind to find an earring of Vivian’s on the floor. Meanwhile, in the sarcophagus, Vivian watches as Victor tells Henderson to get rid of the rest of Vivian’s clothes. Vivian yells as Victor gets close to the secret camera, but he simply adjusts the portrait of Vivian.

In bed, Rafe promises that Stefano won’t hurt Will. Sami says she won’t allow that to happen.

Back at the mansion, Stefano tells Kate he’ll wait until EJ wakes from his coma to do anything about Will. Kate’s happy and goes off to find out what’s for dinner. Stefano promises whoever did this will pay.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Kate tells Philip, "Wherever she is I hope she stays there for the rest of her life."

Vivian screams for somebody to help her.

"I think I'm close to finding out who did this to you," Stefano tells EJ.

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