In EJ's hospital room, Sami tells the nurse she can take EJ off life support. Lexi and Stefano sob and Sami whispers she's sorry as the nurse removes EJ's oxygen mask. Will, Kate, and Rafe watch as Stefano says goodbye to EJ. EJ suddenly starts gasping for air. Lexi says he's breathing on his own and Will asks if he's waking up. Lexi orders everyone out and checks EJ's vitals. Outside EJ's room, Sami recalls shooting EJ and Will asks if she's okay. Sami tells him it's going to be fine. Stefano approaches and sneers that this didn't work out as Sami had hoped. Rafe defends Sami and tells Stefano to watch his mouth. Lexi tells everyone that EJ's lungs are functioning normally, but EJ's chances are still slim. Lexi takes Stefano to see EJ. Kate tells Sami she should pick some of her things up from the DiMera mansion and they leave together. Rafe tells Will it's time for them to talk. In EJ's room, Lexi tells Stefano things might not work out the way they hope and leaves. Stefano tells EJ to come back to him.

In her home, Maggie tells Melanie and Philip that she can't go to Isabella's service, and explains the warning about Vivian that Gus gave her last night. Melanie wonders what game Vivian's playing but reassures Maggie that she and Philip will protect her. Maggie recalls Isabella was the first to see the good in Victor, and Melanie compares her to Maggie.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor shows Brady Vivian's email and says it's impossible that she left town. Brady reads the email as Victor goes upstairs in disbelief.

Inside the sarcophagus, Vivian hopes that Victor will find her. She's sure Victor will know the email was forged. Vivian remembers that she had another remote and turns on the camera. She sees Brady and Victor in her room. Victor tells Brady that all Vivian's things are still there, except her jewelry, passport, and Lawrence's ashes are gone. Victor is sure Vivian's gone and shouts, "Hallelujah". Justin arrives and Victor tells him the wonderful news. Victor wonders if this is a scheme. Vivian cries as she watches Victor happily ask Justin to prepare the divorce papers. Victor leaves as Justin tells Brady it's strange of Vivian to leave. Brady dismisses Justin's questions and says he'd like to focus on his mom.

In Chloe's apartment, she recalls Vivian wondering what's going on between her and Carly. Daniel interrupts and asks if she's ready to go to the memorial and Chloe says she'd rather not go because she doesn't want to see Vivian. Daniel promises to tell Vivian to stay away from her and Melanie. Chloe tells him she's strong enough to go with him.

Stephanie bumps into Ian outside the Brady Pub and wonders who really switched Chloe's results. They go inside the pub and see Chloe and Daniel kissing as they walk out. Stephanie wonders if Daniel changed the results. Outside the pub, Stephanie gets off the phone and tells Ian that Daniel has access to change the results. Ian wonders why Daniel would change the results if he found out Chloe cheated on him. Stephanie assumes there was too much at stake, so Daniel just changed the results for everyone's sake. Stephanie tells Ian they're done hacking computers and thanks him for his help. Adrienne walks by and Ian excuses himself. Adrienne asks what Stephanie has done, but Stephanie denies doing anything and storms off. Adrienne calls Kayla and says Stephanie needs her mother.

Vivian changes the channel to find Victor at the mausoleum. Philip shows up and Victor happily exclaims he could dance in joy. Melanie, Chloe, Daniel, and Maggie arrive and Victor joyously announces that Vivian left him. Everyone repeats how happy they are that she's gone. Vivian cries as Victor says it's all thanks to Maggie if Vivian's actually gone. Victor and the rest start to remember Isabella's life as Vivian cries that this is disgusting. Brady interrupts that he has to confess something. He's glad to remember what a wonderful person Isabella was and thanks everyone for coming. He is grateful for Vivian preparing this service. Brady says he's at peace and owes that to Vivian since she left Salem for good. They all toast Isabella and Vivian as she yells "No!"

Kate and Sami arrive at the mansion and Kate tells her she knows that Will knows about their call. Kate asks Sami where Will was when EJ was shot, saying he needs an alibi. Stefano arrives and asks what they're talking about. Kate says they're talking about EJ. Stefano asks if they're talking about Will. He says he has information that the police don't have. He reveals that the box that his gun was locked in is empty, and that only those that live there know about it. Stefano believes that EJ's shooting was an inside job, and that everyone except Will has an alibi. Sami insists Will didn't shoot EJ, but Stefano asks how she can be sure.

Will and Rafe arrive at the lake and Rafe asks him where he was when EJ was shot. Will answers that he was at Caroline's with his siblings, but Rafe isn't sure he's telling the truth. Will recalls his earlier confrontation with Sami. He agrees to tell Rafe what he wants to know. He repeats that he was at the pub the whole night. Rafe doesn't believe him. Will tells him to do something about it, like charge him.

Back in EJ's room, EJ repeats Sami's name.

Next on Days of Our Lives:

Victor insists to Maggie "She is gone," as Vivian cries, "I am not!"

Lexi calls Stefano and tells him, "You should come to the hospital ASAP."

Rafe warns Will, "If he feels you're the one that shot his son, he's not going to wait for proof."

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