Nicole visits EJ and admits seeing him like this breaks her heart. Daniel enters and is surprised to see Nicole here. Nicole never wanted EJ to die. She recalls EJ's loving side but suspects that he'll go back to his old ways if he lives, and she'll hate him again. As soon as Daniel excuses himself, Nicole hits EJ and cries that he should just die. Arianna overhears and tells her to get away from him.

In Rafe's room at the pub, Sami leaves Rafe in bed as he dreams that Will shot EJ. Sami heads downstairs and meets Will. Will can't eat because he's too worried. He wishes he knew that EJ was planning to take the kids, because he would've helped Sami. Sami insists he has nothing to feel guilty about, because no one would've stopped her from shooting EJ. Will says he'll keep her secret, just as Rafe enters. Sami excuses herself to go see EJ. Rafe asks Will why Sami left in a hurry. Will says Sami's worried about the father of her kids and doesn't have time to hang out with Rafe. Rafe asks why Will's being defensive. Will rushes to school.

At the mausoleum, Brady recalls his fight with Vivian as he sits on the sarcophagus. From inside the sarcophagus, Vivian yells for him to let her out. Brady taunts her through the video system. Vivian threatens that she'll tell the world what Brady drunkenly did to her. Brady says he has the letters to prove that she was going to put Maggie in the sarcophagus. Vivian denies that, as Brady shuts the camera off and leaves. As her earring is shown on the floor. Vivian wishes that Gus would come back and save her.

Outside of Victor's mansion, Maggie tells herself to be spontaneous when she talks to Victor. Henderson lets her in and Brady greets her. Maggie tells him that she'll delay her trip so she could attend Isabella's service. Maggie tells Brady that Gus called her with a warning to watch out, and asks him if he has any idea what that means. Victor arrives and Maggie tells Victor about Gus' call, says something in his voice was off. Victor suggests they call Vivian to ask, but Brady says they can't do that because Vivian's busy planning the service. Maggie and Brady agree that they shouldn't call Vivian in case she hurts Gus. When Brady leaves, Maggie tells Victor that she's delaying her trip because of him. She tells him how she enjoys his company, but they need to set boundaries since he's married. She asks why he's married to Vivian. Victor says it's complicated and he never loved Vivian. Maggie admits she misses Mickey everyday, and even if Victor were single, she may never be ready to move on. Maggie says this isn't their time and asks Victor for friendship only.

Brady heads to Vivian's room with a drink. He finds the video system and while taunting Vivian, he locates all the cameras. He figures she was going to make Maggie watch her seduce Victor and calls her crazy. Vivian cries that she was desperate to get Maggie away from Victor. Brady says Maggis is with Victor looking beautiful. He sneers that Lawrence would love Vivian's company in hell. Brady wonders how Victor will react when he learns what Vivian did with Isabella's remains. Vivian pleads for Brady not to tell him, but all Brady wants is to see her suffer.

Sami enters EJ's room and recalls shooting him. She says what she did was terrible, but EJ did terrible things to her too. She recalls that their vigil for Sydney was his idea. Sami can't believe he loved her. Lexi enters and insists that EJ did. Lexi is sure that EJ wanted to make up for his mistakes. While Rafe overhears, Sami says she loved EJ too, but that's gone forever. Through tears, Lexi asks EJ who did this to him. When she leaves, Sami prays that no one ever finds out. Outside his room, Sami tells Rafe it's too hard to decide whether to pull the plug on EJ, and she can't do it. Lexi returns to EJ's room and cries when she learns EJ's getting worse. Daniel comforts her. Lexi tells Sami that EJ's condition is worse, and Sami asks Lexi what she should do.

At the pier, Arianna overhears Nicole on the phone telling someone how the hospital threw her out because of Arianna. Nicole stops Arianna from walking off and asks why she had her thrown out of the hospital. She asks why Arianna is suddenly his guardian angel. Nicole sneers that Arianna went from Brady to EJ so fast. She asks Arianna what Rafe would think of his sister crushing on his enemy. Arianna says it's none of her business and tells Nicole to have compassion for EJ. Nicole's happy that Arianna's in love, but recalls the horrible things EJ did to her. Nicole warns that if EJ wakes up with Arianna by his side, she will be his next victim.

Will meets Kate at the pub. Kate tells him she'll keep his secret. Will is not sure what she's talking about. Kate refers to EJ's shooting. Will accuses Kate of keeping her own secrets. Kate realizes he knows about her call to Sami. Will tells her not to ask him questions that she knows he can't answer.

Next on Days of Our Lives:

Brady taunts Vivian, "No one's ever going to know where you are."

Kate tells Will, "I need to know what you're hiding."

Sami asks Rafe, "You're going to turn my son in to the police?"

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