In the mausoleum, Brady realizes his mother's remains are missing. Vivian hits him over the head with an urn. While he's knocked out, Vivian rambles that she's sick of Brady's moralizing lectures. She wishes Gus could help her kill him. As she tries to call Gus, Brady grabs her ankle, and gets up. He threatens to tell Victor about how she hit him on the head, and about her plans to bury Maggie alive. He rambles on how Vivian is deluded for thinking that Victor loves her. Brady angrily asks where his mother's remains are. Vivian had Isabella removed to Victor's small crypt. Brady pushes her out, saying they're going to the police. Brady grabs her purse and finds a receipt for a plot in a pet cemetery and asks if she dumped Isabella there. Vivian says Isabella will be on a nice hill. Brady screams that she better run for her life. Vivian rushes out and Brady carries her back. He says it's just them two now, no one knows they're there. Afraid, Vivian asks what he's going to do to her and Brady tells her to take a guess.

While asleep in the hospital staff room, Nathan says he loves Melanie, as she overhears. Melanie stumbles and startles Nathan awake. Nathan asks if she heard him talking in his sleep. Melanie tells him that he said, "I love you." Nathan assumes he was talking about Stephanie, and Melanie quickly excuses herself, embarrassed.

Kate visits EJ at the hospital and takes a pin to his hand. When he doesn't wake, Kate realizes he's not faking it. She wonders if Sami shot him, and if she's the reason for Sami shooting EJ. Outside of EJ's room, Kate sees Chad who is there applying for a job. Kate says will is going to be happy to learn that Chad's staying in Salem. Chad asks about EJ and Kate tells him that Stefano's very upset over this. When Chad leaves, Kate wonders what she's going to do since she's the only one who knows that EJ is not Stefano's only living son.

Sami bumps into Will at the pier and asks why he's ignoring her calls and texts. She asks him what he's going to do. Will accuses her of only caring about whether he'd send her to prison. Will admits he did research on what would happen to Sami if she were arrested for attempted murder. Will decides he's going to do the right thing, and keeps her secret.

Rafe and Caroline discuss Sami at the Brady Pub. Caroline is worried about the kids, especially Will. Caroline thinks she made things worse since she talked to Will about Stefano's influence. Rafe asks how Will reacted, but Caroline says he was fine and stayed with his siblings that night. Later, Sami and Will arrive at the pub as Rafe plays tries to get Johnny to go back to bed. Johnny blurts that he wants to see his dad, and Sami explains children aren't allowed in the hospital. On the side, Rafe asks Will him how he's handling everything. Will says that EJ got what he deserved. He excuses himself to bed. Johnny asks Sami if she loves his dad. Sami answers that she loves Rafe, him, and his siblings. Johnny asks why Sami was going to marry EJ if she didn't love him. Caroline takes Johnny to bed. Sami sighs about Johnny, saying, "If he only knew," and Rafe asks, "If he only knew what?" Sami doesn't want to tell Johnny that his dad was shot. Rafe suggests that Sami tell him the truth. Sami agrees then sighs that Will has paid for her mistakes. She's worried that things are going to get harder for him.

Nathan bumps into Philip at the Cheatin' Heart and Philip challenges him to a game of pool. Philip tells him about his plans to buy Melanie a house. Philip says that Melanie's life is perfect and he will keep it that way. Nathan excuses himself to go home and Philip is glad they understand each other.

Melanie arrives at Maggie's and sees her preparing a to-do list for her trip. Maggie asks her what's wrong. Melanie lies that Nathan said he loves Stephanie during his sleep. Maggie asks if she's jealous, but Melanie says she loves Philip. Maggie tells her to let Nathan be happy. Melanie thinks Maggie should take her own advice, and mentions Victor. Melanie tells Maggie to ask herself what she really wants. Maggie thanks her for caring and goes to bed. Melanie recalls Nathan's words and cries, "It's over Nathan. It has to be."

Will visits EJ's and says, "Oh my God mom, what have you done?" He tells EJ that he did this to himself, but if he dies, Sami can go to prison as a murderer. Kate interrupts and Will asks how long she's been standing there. Kate says she just got there. Kate asks if he's okay. Annoyed, Will wonders why everyone keeps asking that. Will rushes out, as Kate prays that he didn't shoot EJ. If he did it, Kate has something to bargain with Stefano.

In Sami's bed, Sami tells Rafe that Will is going to be okay.

Will returns to the pub and Chad tells him that his dad's resentment made him want to stay in Salem. Before walking away, Chad says no one will know about his mom's past. Will tells himself no one will know about his mom either, and he'll take care of her no matter what.

Next on Days of Our Lives:

Kate tells Will, "I think you know about what happened to EJ."

Nicole asks Arianna, "Why are you suddenly his guardian angel?"

Sami tells Rafe, "I can't do it, Rafe. I just can't"

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