The warden shows Hope her new jail cell and warns she’s not going to get any special treatment just because her husband’s the police commissioner. Hope isn’t expecting any. The warden lets her cell mate, Tina into the cell and Tina warns Hope to stay out of her belongings. Tina has photos of her child on the wall and offers Hope tape so she can post pictures of Ciara. Tina thinks Hope looks familiar but Hope brushes her off. When mail comes and Hope grabs a letter from Ciara, Tina hears Hope’s name and yells for the guard. She doesn’t want to be in a cell with Hope the psycho but Lenny says it’s up to the warden and leaves. Hope promises she’s not going to hurt Tina. She was on medication when she did those things. Tina isn’t convinced so decides to take care of the 'psycho cop' herself and shoves Hope into her bed. There’s a struggle and Warden and Lenny return. Tina fakes coughing and accuses Hope of beating on her. Hope was protecting herself and says Tina will be fine. Later, the warden lets Hope know she’s in for a difficult time when word gets around she’s a cop. Hope asks if the warden will keep this from the commissioner. He’s already been through enough. Lenny and the warden bring Tina back to the cell a little later and Tina tells Hope to watch her back. The whole infirmary knows that Hope attacked her. Hope reminds Tina that she attacked her first.

In her kitchen, Maggie shows Bo and Ciara the costume she made for Ciara’s dance recital. Ciara’s ecstatic but let down when she learns Maggie’s going away. Neither Maggie nor her mom will be at the recital and Hope didn’t reply to a letter she wrote. Bo informs his daughter that it takes a few days to get a letter out. He hugs Ciara and Maggie leaves. Bo fixes her toaster as Ciara hopes her mommy will be home before her recital. Bo says that’s not going to happen so Ciara figures praying will help.

In the doctor’s lounge, Nathan tells Mel he’s there covering for another doctor. He falls asleep standing at the lockers so Melanie helps him to a cot. They discuss Mel’s baby shower for her little brother or sister and Nathan warns her not to get too close. He bumps his arm on the cot frame, so Melanie goes to get ice. She bumps into Maggie on the way, who worries about the two working in such close quarters. Melanie assures her that working with Nathan isn’t a problem and later, Melanie goes to tell Nathan the doctor he’s covering for has returned, but gets a shock when she overhears him talking in his sleep, professing he loves her.

Near the elevators, Maggie is about to leave when she receives a call from Gus. The connection is terrible and Gus tries to warn her but Maggie can barely make out his words.

Elsewhere, Carly tells Chloe not to worry about Vivian and hangs up. Daniel overhears and questions her so Carly covers but Daniel thinks she’s hiding something.

Brady shouts at Vivian in the mausoleum, wanting to know where his mother’s body is, considering it’s not inside the tricked up sarcophagus. He asks her to explain why his dead mother would need a straw and a TV. He thinks it’s more fitting for a live person and knows she buried Carly alive in the past. What’s she up to this time? Vivian tries to leave but her purse drops and the forged letters fall out. Brady realizes Vivian’s plan is to trap Maggie and taunts her, saying it won’t matter. Victor will always love Maggie, not her! He closes the door so she can’t leave and Vivian yells at him calling him a self-indulgent drunk, grabs the urn and smashes him over the head. Brady falls to the floor unconscious.

At Chloe’s place, Chloe happily opens a baby gift. Stephanie mentions taking Chloe’s advice and talking about her problems with Father Matt. It helped her immensely. Stephanie boasts about how happy she is with Nathan, making Chloe wonder if Stephanie’s truly happy or if she’s trying to convince herself she is. Steph admits she's worried. She needs to contact work and uses Chloe's computer to send Ian an email before leaving.

Carly arrives at Maggie’s place and Ciara formally tells her it’s very, very nice to see her. Bo questions her and Ciara explains that Grandpa Victor told her to be nice to Carly. Carly cringes. When Ciara goes off to play, Bo holds Carly’s hand and admits he couldn’t have gotten through this without her help. Toast pops up from the toaster and Bo comments that he’s happy he did something right today. He hopes Hope received her letter today from Ciara.

Stephanie and Ian sit at the pub where Ian hacks into St. Mary’s website again and learns Chloe wasn’t the one who changed the results.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Will makes a promise to his mom.

Chad offers Katie his sympathy and then things get a bit confusing.

Vivian and Brady fight!

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