In the mausoleum, Gus listens as Carly goes off on Vivian and tells her that her relationship with Victor is a farce. If she really wants to make Victor happy, she should crawl into the sarcophagus herself. After Carly stomps off, Vivian is positive Carly and Chloe are hiding something.

At the mansion, Stefano wonders why Sami would risk everything by shooting EJ. Kate flashes to her warning to Sami and says Sami has an alibi. Stefano barks that it feels like she’s taking Sami’s side. He starts to cry and considers Will could have shot EJ. Kate becomes unhinged. If he even thinks of casting suspicion at Will, they’re at war! Stefano thinks she’s overreacting and they agree to rewind the last five minutes. Maybe the person who shot EJ will be somebody they’ll enjoy annihilating. Like Nicole. Kate smirks.

At the hospital, Rafe leaves Will alone with Sami, who admits she shot EJ and is sorry Will saw it. Will becomes bent out of shape that she’s not sorry she shot EJ and hopes she’s not asking him to cover for her. She claims she was trying to protect the kids but that only aggravates Will further. Sami explains how humiliating it is and lets him know about Kate’s warning that EJ was going to disappear with Johnny and Sydney and she couldn’t allow that to happen. Will understands she had to stop EJ but she could have told Rafe or Grandpa Roman. Sami couldn’t and walks Will through what happened that night while they cry together. She assures Will that Kate’s not going to say a word because Stefano would kill her if she did. Will doesn’t believe it but Sami stresses that Stefano’s love comes with strings attached. Will’s conflicted about what to do and runs off as Rafe returns.

Ari visits EJ. What he did was horrible but he doesn’t deserve to be shot, she says and begs him to fight. She thinks he’s a lot like her brother and in spite of the horrible things he has done, she still thinks highly of him. She leaves and bumps into Rafe, who accuses her of falling for the bad guy or smooth talking criminal. Arianna takes the high ground and lets his comment ride but Rafe thinks EJ deserves to die. Arianna disagrees vehemently and goes back to EJ and promises to find his shooter.

At Maggie’s place, she and Melanie discuss Maggie’s growing feelings for Victor. Melanie maintains that Victor’s marriage is a sham and Maggie’s afraid of her feelings. Brady interrupts looking for advice so Melanie takes off. Brady wants Maggie to accompany him to Isabella’s memorial service. He can’t get through it without her. Maggie’s leaving town and can’t so Brady goes off to do some drinking at the pub. After he’s gone, Maggie calls Melissa and discusses leaving town to think things through.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Vivian daydreams that Carly and Chloe are throwing her body into the river and that Carly has delivered Chloe’s baby as they hold him up to the light and chant. "Hail Satan, hail Satan!" Vivian cringes and whines to Gus that she has to figure out what they’re up to. He thinks she can do it without his help. Vivian doesn’t have time for his hissy fit and gives him two remote controls for the sarcophagus. He refuses her once again and she tempts him with a trip to the spa but he roars that she can’t buy him off with a high colonic and storms out.

Melanie finds Brady drinking at the pub. He’s upset Maggie’s leaving and is tired of his family’s games and Vivian’s plots.

Vivian goes back to the mausoleum and calls somebody for assistance with her plan when Brady waltzes in, wondering what she’s doing. She tells him he’s a day early and he wonders why she looks like she’ll jump out of her skin. He notices the TV monitor and demands answers.

Carly calls Chloe from the hospital and tells her about her run-in with Vivian. Daniel overhears her say she won’t have to worry about her anymore. He wonders why she’d have to worry about Vivian at all.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Stephanie asks Ian, "Who else doesn't want Chloe to know that she's not carrying Daniel's baby?"

"There is something you're not telling me," Daniel says to Carly.

Brady tells Vivian she went too far this time.

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