At the hospital, Sami tells Stefano that she doesn't want EJ dead but he doesn't believe her. Lexi approaches in tears, saying that EJ has damaged brain activity and will continue on life support. Stefano goes to see him. When Rafe leaves to check on Sami's kids, Kate asks Sami if she shot EJ. Defensive, Sami denies it, saying she was with Rafe the whole time. She admits that Kate's phone call alarmed her, but she didn't have a chance to do anything about it. Kate believes her, but warns that Stefano is suspicious. They agree not to mention their phone call to anyone. As Kate leaves, Sami recalls shooting EJ and asks herself, "What have I done?"

Will arrives at the Brady Pub and asks Caroline where Sami is. Caroline isn't sure why, but Sami's at the hospital. Rafe arrives at the pub and tells Will and Caroline that EJ was shot. Will leaves to find Sami.

On the pier, Chloe cries to Carly that she's sorry for scheming to hurt her with Vivian. Carly wants to put this behind them. Chloe thanks her but thinks Vivian could still ruin everything.

In the mausoleum, Vivian and Gus discuss her plan to drive Maggie insane. Gus makes Vivian promise to set Maggie free once the damage is done. Vivian demands he gets in the casket to test it. Nervous, Gus lays in it as Vivian video conferences with him. Gus is able to see that she also has a camera in her bedroom. He freaks out as Vivian turns off the camera and happily says no one will find Maggie. Once she lets him out, Gus tells her she can't do this. Carly barges in and tells Vivian she's not getting away with it. Carly doesn't believe Vivian's lies about Isabella's remains. She tells Vivian that she knows about her failed plan with Chloe.

Ian excuses himself from Stephanie and Nathan's apartment. Nathan asks Stephanie why Ian is there so often. Stephanie claims that Ian is helping her with the new hospital software. Nathan thinks Ian has a crush on her, but Stephanie promises there's nothing between them. They embrace and then Nathan leaves to work. Stephanie calls Ian and asks how she could prove that Chloe switched the results. Ian tells her to access Chloe's computer. Stephanie wonders how to pull that off.

At Daniel and Chloe's apartment, Melanie frets over Chloe's baby shower. Maggie offers Chez Rouge and says she'll postpone her travel plans to help her. Melanie wonders if Maggie really has to go. Later, Melanie tells Daniel how worried she is about Maggie, but Daniel says she'll be fine.

Ciara and Victor play at the lake, as Maggie eavesdrops. Ciara misses her mom and wants to live with Victor, not Bo and Carly. Victor tells Ciara to get along with Carly for her dad's sake. Maggie hears Victor tell his granddaughter that he loves her, then walks off.

Daniel greets Ciara at the Kiriakis mansion. Once she goes to the kitchen, Victor says Ciara needs all the support she can get. Daniel says it's good that Maggie is staying. Victor is glad to hear it.

Back at her house, Maggie convinces herself that Victor is great, but then snaps out of it. Melanie enters and Maggie tells her she needs to go on her trip after all. Melanie asks if Victor did something but Maggie denies it. Melanie is disappointed in Maggie, and thinks she's running away from her problems. Melanie asks if this thing with Victor is serious and Maggie denies it, saying, "It just can't be." Maggie reminds her that Victor is married, but Melanie dismisses that. She thinks Maggie is afraid of her feelings.

Stephanie arrives at Chloe's and Chloe asks why she's there, as Stephanie eyes her laptop.

On the phone at the hospital, Abe gets information on the gun in EJ's shooting. He describes the gun to Lexi and Stefano. Stefano states that they don't keep guns at the mansion because of his grandchildren. He suddenly wants to go rest. Meanwhile, in his hospital bed, EJ recalls his disastrous wedding day. Rafe enters and tells him not to die so that he can make him pay for hurting Sami. Arianna arrives and tells Rafe to stop. Outside of EJ's room, Arianna tells Rafe he doesn't need to be obsessed with hating EJ anymore. Elsewhere, Will finds Sami and says, "I know what you did last night to EJ." Will explains that he saw her leaving the mansion with something that looked like a gun. Sami repeatedly asks why Will went back there. Will explains that he saw her leaving with what looked like a gun. He asks, "You did it, didn't you mom? You shot EJ." Sami says he can't tell anyone about what he thinks he saw. Sami cries that she was trying to protect her kids. Rafe enters and asks what's going on. Will explains that he's upset about EJ. Rafe gets a phone call and says his source hasn't found word of a contracted hit on EJ yet. Will asks if Rafe thinks it's a paid hit, and Rafe asks what else it could be. Meanwhile, Arianna sits at EJ's bedside and tearfully says he doesn't deserve this.

Stefano rushes into his house with Kate following. He opens an empty case, explaining that it used to hold the gun that Abe described as the weapon in EJ's shooting. Stefano thinks Sami knew where this gun was and used it to shoot EJ. He wonders why Sami would risk everything that night, as Kate recalls her phone call to Sami.

Next on Days of Our Lives:

Vivian tells Carly, "You are not going anywhere!"

Stefano cries to Kate, "My only son could die because of her."

Sami confesses to Will, "I shot EJ."

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