At the hospital, Stefano accuses Sami of shooting EJ and promises when he finds out who did this, they’ll die in pain and alone.

In EJ’s room, Lexi and Daniel tell Stefano there’s no change, Daniel explains but they’re monitoring internal bleeding. They don’t know when EJ will wake up. Stefano almost collapses and Lexi comforts him and says Kate should be here. Stefano begs Lexi to tell him what’s going to happen. They need to prepare for anything, she says, sadly. She leaves and Stefano talks to EJ, calling him his favorite son. He urges EJ to be strong and gives him a pep talk.

Sami goes to Daniel at the nurse’s station for an update. He only tells her EJ’s brain activity has been reduced. Sami asks for advice on pulling the plug. Daniel provides advice and an example from the time Lucas refused to take Chloe off of life support while she was in the coma. It’s different for everyone and she’ll know when the time comes, he elucidates. Sami shares Daniel’s advice with Rafe. Stefano comes out of EJ’s room while Rafe suggests Sami visit EJ. "If he’s going to die anyway, why not just let him go? It’ll make life easier. For everyone," Rafe utters. She goes to visit EJ, even though Stefano is against it. Rafe blames Stefano for EJ getting shot. Maybe the bullet was meant for him! He wishes the whole family was killed off. Lexi stops the argument and Abe and Kate arrive. Lexi shares the news that EJ may not make it and starts to bawl in Stefano’s arms.

Sami goes to see EJ. She can’t believe she did this and flashes to the shooting. He opens his eyes and Sami screams for Lexi, who goes to examine him. Stefano is relieved to hear. Lexi comes out crying with news. EJ’s awake.

Chloe and Carly try to kick Vivian out of the pub but she ignores them, knowing they’re up to something. She promises she’ll figure it out. Vivian knows how easy it is to manipulate Chloe, causing Carly to ask what she’s on about.

Chloe and Carly walk to the pier and Chloe says, "I sort of tried to kill you." Carly gasps in horror and Chloe launches into an explanation about how crazed she was, thinking Carly was having an affair with Daniel. She also knew Carly gave him a baby when she didn’t think she could and says Vivian’s pal rigged the elevator in order to off Carly.

In her kitchen, Maggie explains how insecure Vivian is but she’ll relax once Maggie’s gone. Melanie is miserable that she’s leaving and realizes the reason behind it is Victor. Maggie refuses to discuss it and later, when she’s alone, says she’s not going on this trip because of Victor. She books the trip.

At Stephanie’s, she panics as Ian becomes concerned he can’t bypass the new hospital security. They learn Philip didn’t change the test results and wonder if Daniel or Chloe did. They mull that over and deduce that Chloe could have done it but she’s such a blabbermouth. She couldn’t have kept it to herself. Nathan arrives and Ian takes off. Nathan wonders why Ian’s there all the time. He thinks she’s hiding something.

Vivian arrives home, so happy her son has come to visit. Philip blows a gasket. He’s not her son and demands she stay away from his wife. Vivian complies and mentions moving Isabella’s remains to a sarcophagus. Philip wonders what her game is. Vivian claims she’s trying to get a second chance with the family. Philip yells that she tried to kill his wife and can’t fix her mistakes by moving dead bodies around! Victor comes upon the two after Philip fills his dad in, he calls Vivian heartless. She runs away crying. Philip pleads with Victor to find somebody to love and get Vivian out of their lives. Victor and Ciara go off together.

Melanie goes to Daniel in his apartment and relays news about the baby shower. He’s thrilled his daughter and wife-to-be are getting along. Maggie arrives with a baby gift. Melanie shares that Maggie’s going away. Mel goes to take a call and Maggie says she’s going on the trip to comfort herself. Daniel wonders if that’ll really happen. She too is doubtful.

Vivian sits in the mausoleum talking to herself about her plans for Maggie. Gus arrives and they inspect the sarcophagus, though Gus doesn’t approve of this.

Next on Days of our Lives:

Carly tells Vivian she’s not getting away with it this time.

Will tells Sami, "I know what you did!"

"I'll make you pay for what you've done to Sami,” Rafe says to EJ.

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